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    Just finished Raya with the family. Best D+ film so far. Way better than the new Mulan.
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    1922 - Netflix Original Movie

    Anyone watch this yet? Based off of a Stephen King tale. Thomas Jane is almost unrecognizable in it. I thought it was fantastic but dark as hell. Any other originals catch your eye on NF?
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    Sure looks interesting. Love Bryan Fuller shows, so visually stunning. I really like Pushing Daisies and thought it didnt get a fair shake. Hopefully he finds some success on Starz. Trailer may not be SFW (language,violence)
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    Directv DVR slowness

    Anyone else experiencing slow DVR response in the past month or so? (HR-34 700 model).
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    How to better your chance of surviving a plane crash Happy Friday err'body.
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    I have my reservations, but it should be entertaining. YellowJacket looks awesome. The train crash at the end made me chuckle. What can I say, Im 10 years old.
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    Netflix: Daredevil

    A few episodes in, not bad. Anyone else watch?
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    Mad Max Fury Road.....

    Geeking out about this. I loved the Gibson ones, cant wait for this. Its just bat **** crazy.
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    Ant Man.......

    Will be Paul Rudd? Paul Rudd to Play Ant-Man in Edgar Wright's Marvel Movie (Exclusive) - TheWrap He might do ok. I like Rudd a lot, just wouldnt have had him on my list. I have faith in Edgar Wright though however.
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    Thor: Dark World

    Went and saw that lastnight. I thought it was great. Good humor, decent story and lots of action. If you had super hero movies avoid it, if you love them, its a recommend. There are two additional scenes after the credits, one is a lead up to another film and the other is just for fun...
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    This planet is terrifying.

    Louisiana Sinkhole: Entire Trees Sucked Into Ground - Watch What Happens Next!
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    Youtube Missile Command

    Bored? Go to youtube and start any video you want. Pause it. Click outside the video somewhere, the white space works. Type 1980 on your number pad. Enjoy.
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    April 7th marks the 20th anniversary of.......

    The Sandlot. Ugh.......Im old. Still love this movie and quote it quite often.