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    New Cyclone Gamecenter: @Kansas 2017

    Gamewatch with Prohm, Monte, and Naz:
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    You can't make up an article title like this...

    "Sex gets Olympic boxer Virginia Fuchs out of doping ban"
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    Kyle Kempt Football Cards

    Was just searching around and came across these:,sh,i100,=kyle+kempt Had no idea they made cards for him this year.
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    Into the ESPN Power Rankings
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    Meanwhile in Brookings, SD

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    Finding Big Country

    This just premiered at VIFF this week. Has anyone heard about it before?
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    Man Banned from All You Can Eat Sushi

    We all know what TV clip is now running through our heads.
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    Man Dies After Shark Attack

    Yeah, I'm burying the lede.
  10. LindenCy Ticket Exchange Question

    For those that have sold on the "legitimate" ticket exchange through, do you receive an email when tickets sell? I had money show up in my checking account from Ticketmaster and it looks like some tickets sold, but there was no confirmation at all. Anyone had...
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    Is that a Python in your Pants or are you...

    Looks like it was a python: