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    Best golf movie

  2. cyrocksmypants

    Former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan dead at 37 Cause not yet disclosed, but he was at a rehabilitation center at the time of his death.
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cinematic Universe

    Are we all in agreement that the live action movies are a different timeline than the cartoons?
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    Best OU message board to lurk on?

    Quick google search kind of shows they all suck.
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    Petition to make the phrase “because we are Iowa State” bannable

    @ChrisMWilliams may need an executive decision from you.
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    Non-ISU odds of Big 12 championship

    We’ve seen the breakdown for ISU of what needs to happen or not happen to clinch (I’ve already bought my tickets, plane ticket and booked my hotel, so I feel pretty confident in us there). But what about potential opponents? Let’s assume we win against WVU. I assume OU has the most likely...
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    Yet again, student section fails to show up

    This is embarrassing. They should have to pay full price for tickets and fans like me should get their discounted rate.
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    If you came across adult pics/videos of someone you knew, would you tell them?

    I’m like, 20% positive that I came across a video of an employee. I realize that’s not a huge percentage, but when most cases you can be over 99% positive it’s not them, it’s big. Anyway, I’ve thought about this a lot over time as I’ve managed a LOT of people (in the thousands over my time). If...
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    Learning another language as an adult

    Pandemic has sucked, so I just started trying to learn another language to try to motivate myself to get out of a pandemic funk. Using Duolingo. Anyone else use this? I’m only two days in, so my self frustrations that I’m not nailing it yet are premature, I’m sure, but I keep panicking that...
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    The 69,420 celebration of Cyrocksmypants

    Post 69,420 is the most coveted of all post numbers, so I wanted to make sure I gave you all a special place to celebrate my 69,420.
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    Bought a bidet a few weeks ago

    Tell you what, America really screwed the pooch by not embracing them. My ******* has never felt cleaner and fresh.
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    Bad news for fans of Nacho Vidal

  13. cyrocksmypants

    Kids in the Hall making comeback These were like the OG of comedy for me growing up. Cautiously excited to see how their style will hold up over time.
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    Friday OT #1 - You Know it’s Your Birthday

    Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl @Angie !!!!
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    Minutes of your life you’ll want back

    Was listening to a podcast and one of the hosts said in passing “those will be the minutes of your life you’ll wish you had back in the end” in response to some regular thing someone did (I think it was in reference to the amount of time people in fandoms spend ******** about the thing they...