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  1. oldman

    Deepfake Video of Nixon

  2. oldman

    Zion Williamson could possibly sue Nike?
  3. oldman

    TCU Look-alike

    Haven't seen this started yet. TCU has a decent one started on ISU so...
  4. oldman

    Man chokes son's 16 yr old coach

    Didn't see this anywhere. Apparently the coach of this peewee football team, pulled the substituted in another QB for this guy's boy. It amazes me how parents are so adamant that their kid is going to be the next Tom Brady. "You benched my cash cow!"...
  5. oldman

    Evidence of Giant Hominin near Mt St Helens I know most don't believe that Bigfoot exists, but this researcher is encouraging other scientists to shoot down his evidence.
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    Fred Hoiberg Infiniti Voting

    Didn't see this anywhere. Vote for CFH!
  7. oldman

    Mellow songs

    I'm a dinosaur rocker for the most part. Led Zep is my favorite band, but I do like a lot of other music too. I'd like to see what you CFers like when it comes to mellow music, or specific songs. Some of my favorites: Holding Back The Years -- Simply Red...
  8. oldman

    Drinking Water ruined? So a kid pees in the water reservior, and "contaminates" 30 million gallons of water? With what, like a cup of urine? The city is going to drain it all at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars...
  9. oldman

    April Fools

    Okay, so what did people do for April Fools Day? I taped the sprayer on the sink, and got my boss when he went to fill the coffee pot.
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    Where are you picking the Cyclones

    How far is everyone picking the Clones to go? I've filled out two office brackets -- one to te Final 8, the other as National Champs! Pass me the kool-aid!
  11. oldman

    Have you ever walked out of a movie?

    I heard this conversation this morning on the radio. The only movie I ever paid for and walked on was "Gods and Generals." And it had one of my all-time favorite actors -- Robert Duvall. I should've walked from "The walking Dead" -- a Vietnam war movie that was terrible. One other person in...
  12. oldman

    New Laptop

    We are getting my daughter a laptop for her birthday. Suggestions?
  13. oldman

    New Top Loader Washing Machine

    So, my front loader is crapping out, and Wifey-Poo is dead-set on getting a top loader. I'd like to stay under $500, if possible, as we are down to 1-1/2 kids and hopefully just one by next summer. I was looking for recommendations, and/or what to stay away from. Anybody? Anybody?
  14. oldman

    Three Albums (CDs)

    Going with the three movies thread scenario -- what three albums would you keep? Mine would be Led Zep - IV, Jeff Buckley - Grace, Live - Throwing Copper
  15. oldman

    Best movies that guys dressed like women

    I know, I know--long poorly worded title. I was just wondering who people think pulled this off the best. My two personal favorites were Tootsie and Mrs Doubtfire.
  16. oldman

    Brennan's take on bubble

    Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN Don't know if this got posted yet.
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    ISU Final Reg Season Record?

    Hope this isn't a repeat, if so please merge. After Saturday's games were completed, I got to rethinking my original pre-season prediction of 7-5 for ISU. I could see our guys legitimately win 4 out of the last 6 reg season games, to put them at 8-4. I think this week at OSU is winnable, as...
  18. oldman

    Mountain Lion shot in Des Moines

    Police shoot mountain lion in back yard | Local News - KCCI Home
  19. oldman

    Meet the Coaches Nite

    Who went to Meet the Coaches last night? The have to quit giving CPR the last speech. I didn't get to sleep until about 2 am.
  20. oldman

    DSM Brewfest

    Anyone planning on going to this? What beers would you recommend? Got my dukes today, and I'm really looking forward to it! BREWFEST 2012, Des Moines, Iowa