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  1. yler4cy

    WTB: RV parking pass

    I'm looking for an RV parking pass for the Iowa game for sure but potentially the whole season. I currently am in D2, so a pass in that lot would be ideal but is not necessary.
  2. yler4cy

    WTB: C2 Parking Pass...G7 can be traded

    I am helping a friend find a C2 parking pass. He got a G7 parking pass and will work out a deal with someone. Message me if you are interested.
  3. yler4cy

    Question for those that have an RV Pass

    Does anyone have a short bus or shorter RV that they are taking into the RV lots? If so, please shoot me a private message as I have a question for you.
  4. yler4cy

    Have to Give Props to Tom Manning!

    I have been one of the biggest nay sayers on Tom Manning, but I am here to say the guy has done wonders with play calling down the stretch of the season. I was extremely frustrated after the Louisiana game, but he has progressed really well. Give that guy a game ball! Thanks for making me eat...
  5. yler4cy

    FS: TTU vs ISU Parking Pass - FREE

    Message me and I will send it your way.
  6. yler4cy

    WTB: RV Parking Pass for 2020 Football Season

    Good Morning Cyclones! I am looking for an RV pass for next years football season. I will have a paved parking pass to throw in to sweeten the pot, otherwise I can just give cash. Feel free to message me with what you are thinking and we can discuss. TIA
  7. yler4cy

    FS: Hotel Rooms Big 12 Tourney

    Good morning all! I have 2, 2 queen bed, hotel rooms that I am looking to get rid of for the Big 12 tourney weekend. They are at the Crowne Plaza which is right down by the Sprint Center and P&L District. I will keep this post up for a few weeks, and if I don't get any interest I will drop the...
  8. yler4cy

    FS: 6 Baylor Tickets + Parking Pass **Aisle Seats**

    I am selling my tickets to the Baylor game. Section 205, Row 16, Seats 7-12. These are aisle seats and if someone buys all 6 I will throw in my parking pass. $20 a ticket or will do $100 for all 6 plus the parking pass.
  9. yler4cy

    KU vs KSU Brawl

    Man I can't stand DeSouza. As usual he probably get suspended from 1 practice if the NCAA has anything to do with this. via @ESPN App
  10. yler4cy

    FS: 6 - Kansas MBB Tickets + Parking Pass ***Aisle Seats*** Lowered Price

    I am selling 4 or 6 of my ISU vs Kansas bball tickets for Wednesday, January 8th. If 2 or 4 are bought I will only sell the inside tickets as I want the aisle tickets for myself and my 3 year old son. If all 6 are bought I will throw in my parking pass. Section 205, Row 16, Seats 7-12 Prices...
  11. yler4cy

    FS: Camping World Bowl Tickets - 8 Total

    I am helping a friend sell 8 tickets for the Camping World Bowl. Here is the information: Section P36, Row S, Seats 4-11 He is asking $250 a ticket and wants to sell them in groups of 2 at minimum.
  12. yler4cy

    FS: Bowl Tickets

    If anyone is looking to purchase bowl tickets, I will let them do so through my acct. I just want the priority points.
  13. yler4cy

    FS: 4 - ISU vs Iowa Men BBall Tickets

    I have 4 tickets that I am looking to sell. Section 205, Row 16, Seats 7-10. $65 a ticket or $200 for all 4.
  14. yler4cy

    FS: 6 - UMKC Aisle Tickets + Parking Pass

    I have 6 tickets to the UMKC game with a parking pass. Section 205, Row 16, Seats 7-12 $100 for the package.
  15. yler4cy

    FS: 4 - Kansas SEZ Club Tickets

    $75 per ticket or $250 for all 4. Section 20, Row 39, Seats 17-20
  16. yler4cy

    FS: 4 - KU Sukup Endzone Seats

    I have 4 tickets for the KU game in the Sukup Endzone Club. They are in Section 20, Row 39, Seats 17-20. $125 a ticket, or will do $400 if you buy all 4.
  17. yler4cy

    WTB: Paved Parking Pass vs Kansas

    Looking to buy a couple paved parking passes to the KU game. They don't necessarily need to be side by side as we are just using them to walk to our tailgate in the RV lot. Let me know what you have.
  18. yler4cy

    FS: 6 - Kansas FB Tickets Aisle Seats

    Selling 6 Tickets to the KU game. These tickets are in Section N and M and are 4 on one side of the aisle and 2 on the other side. $25 a ticket or will sell all 6 for $125.
  19. yler4cy

    FS: 4 - ISU vs Iowa Men BBall Tickets

    I am looking to sell 4 of my tickets to the Iowa Men's BBall game. Section 105, Row 16, Seat 7-10. Asking $125 a ticket.
  20. yler4cy

    FS: 4 - Texas/Kansas SEZ Club Tickets ***Package Deal***

    I am going to be selling 4 of my SEZ Club Tickets for the Texas game. Section 20, Row 39, Seats 17-20. $250 per ticket. Price dropped to $200 a ticket. Otherwise, I will sell tickets to both the Texas game and Kansas game. I will do $350 per ticket for both games. Would prefer to sell in...