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  1. capitalcityguy

    Full Court (Im)Press: Restaurant Group Crushing It in Tough Times

    I thought this was an interesting story by Andy Fales on the Full Court Press guys...e.g....Royal Mile, Fong's. El Bait Shop, etc. etc.etc. They have definitely made their mark on the metro DSM restaurant/bar scene. I can remember when they opened the Royal Mile at the time when 4th St just...
  2. capitalcityguy

    Advice from those who have sold tix on Stubhub, Vivid, etc...

    I have both bought and sold tickets on both Stubhub and Vivid so I understand how they work from both sides. One thing I've always wondered about however. I've always been afraid to list the same set of tickets for sale on more than one site at a time. My concern: What happens if I get...
  3. capitalcityguy

    FS: 2-4 Tickets: 50 yard line. $50/tix OBO

    Sec E, Row 22, Seats 14-17. $60 face. Will sell each for $50 OBO.
  4. capitalcityguy

    Viking-inspired pub opening in East Village Des Moines on July 31

    Looking forward to this!
  5. capitalcityguy

    State of Iowa rejected vanity license plates

    OK...this could be fun. The Register has a link to the database of all the rejected personalized license plates people have requested and been denied by the IA DOT. Haven't looked long, but here is a couple examples: 1BADMF 1HODOWN...
  6. capitalcityguy

    Principal Financial Group to acquire large chunk of Wells Fargo business

    This is a big deal for this Des Moines based company.
  7. capitalcityguy

    ** Must Read if trying to sell your tickets for NCAA in Des Moines!! **

    Disclaimer: This process is newer to me but I’ve become pretty fascinated with it as I’ve learned and experienced both buying and selling on secondary tix mkt. I have bought and sold tickets (both private and using Stub Hub & Vivid) so I have experience, but am far from an expert so take...
  8. capitalcityguy

    FS: 2 or 4 Tix - Row A on Aisle - DSM NCAA Tourney - $349

    I have 4 tickets for sale for 1st and 2nd round NCAA Men's Tournament games in Des Moines. These tickets get you into all sessions - Both morning and afternoon games on Thursday, March 21 as well as Saturday, March 23rd sessions. These are very good seats - - front row and on the aisle in...
  9. capitalcityguy

    WTB: Single ticket for 11:30am Big 12 on Thursday, 03/14

    I have other options but looking for a better seat if available so throwing out a flier in the event someone has an extra ticket they need to get rid of. Ideally would be in 100 level, If you have an extra ticket and don't want to lose money on what you paid for it, I might be interested.
  10. capitalcityguy

    'Coming to America' sequel set for 2020 release

    This has disaster written all over it, but as a fan of the original with its many quotable one-liners, I have to admit I'm intrigued at some level. "What is that....velvet?"
  11. capitalcityguy

    Smash Park

    Heard a lot about this place, haven't checked it out. Anyone been there? What did you think? They must be doing well as it sounds like they are adding a 2nd metro location somewhere downtown called Smash Park Social. Smaller footprint but will include "Duckpin Bowling"...
  12. capitalcityguy

    Bill may force schools to play each other

    Nothing to link to yet, but watching WHOTV13 just now. D Senator from Waterloo has a bill ready to submit this session to require the state schools to play each other at least annually in BB. Argument - it is in the public's best interest that money being paid to out-of-state schools (that...
  13. capitalcityguy

    Metros with "Most Six-Figure Earners" - DSM #17

    Thought this was interesting. Always good to offer ISU alums opportunities close to the university as possible. Only 4 cities listed in the Midwest: Minneapolis (top ten), Madison #16 followed by Des Moines, and then Chicago at #23. Full article...
  14. capitalcityguy

    FS: 2 lower level ISU vs Drake (Hy-Vee Classic)

    I have two extra tickets to the Hy-Vee Big Four Classic for next Saturday, Dec 15th @ Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. Tip is at 3:30 for game against Drake. Tickets also good for the Iowa vs UNI game that follows. Section 120, Row G Selling at face value: $75/piece.
  15. capitalcityguy

    2 Breweries to open downtown (DSM) in 2019

    The head brewer from Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City is moving to Des Moines to open brewery/tavern near Sherman Hill. 1717 Brewery on E Court Avenue should be opening before too...
  16. capitalcityguy

    Sending love from Chicago: Des Moines, you're da best couldn't pay a PR firm to create a better story to tell about Des Moines than what this parent of an ISU grad has to say about his experience in DSM. This is gold...
  17. capitalcityguy

    WTB: 1 or 2 tix to Vikes vs Saints Divisional Playoff Game

    Anyone happen to have 1 or 2 tickets to sell? Really only need one, but will take two if prefer to sell as pair.
  18. capitalcityguy

    Des Moines removing one-way streets, adding bicycling infrastructure, walkability

    I realize many do not bike and some only think of biking in terms of trail riding. However, for those like me who see it as a viable and many times preferable alternative to traveling by car, this is exciting news...
  19. capitalcityguy

    Millennials are killing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's

    hummm...I'm not too proud to eat at either of these places on occasion, but always annoyed at the knowledge that many people won't step inside a restaurant unless it is some highly marketed, safe, national chain (thus hurting local restaurant scene). While I'm too old to be a millennial (so...
  20. capitalcityguy

    NBA-D - Iowa Energy to get new name

    I'm putting this in OT vs Pro forum as this is probably more a Des Moines interest discussion vs pro sport/NBA. Admins feel free to move if you don't agree. Looks like all the big dogs will be in Des Moines for the announcement. Pretty cool but can't help but think how much of a bigger deal...