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  1. cmoore_23

    lol ku fans on twitter

    Ku fans are tying to troll me
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    So I was challeneged and thought to myself I do not believe Chris has been nominated so I have decided to nominate him along with some of my other friends
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    As high as 8th out of all the voters pretty cool to see where some espn people have us NCAA College Basketball Power Rankings - NCAA Basketball - ESPN
  4. cmoore_23

    WTB: Parking Pass for WIU/WV Game

    Meant to post this sooner but was hoping to get a parking pass for the WIU game as well as get one for the WV game.. if anyone has one for sale please send me a pm Thanks
  5. cmoore_23

    wtb 2-6 tickets for Baylor game

    I don't really care about location
  6. cmoore_23

    WTB: Kst game-lower level preferred

    was hoping to some how get 2 lower level tickets if anyone is willing to sell them
  7. cmoore_23

    Someone remembered why Bama was in the NC

    Iowa State is Alabama’s unsung hero - Sports News from USA Today was just looking around on google and found this
  8. cmoore_23

    chris hassel christmas soundoff video

    does anyone have the video of the christmas hazzle dazzle something something from soundoff??? because i really want to see it and was not able to on sunday
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    I just started selling advocare and thought I might as well see if anyone would be interested on CF.... here is my link Take a look around on the site and let me know if you have any ?'s
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    Football Conference Breakdown

    So the ACC sits currently with 12 teams. Adding pitt and cuse to make it 14. Meaning they need 2 more teams. Big East loses Pitt and cuse leaving them with 6 teams but TCU is supposed to become a member making 7. Big 12 has 9 teams with A&M more than likely going to SEC putting them to 8. Big 10...
  11. cmoore_23

    Nice Article from QC Times

    Stainless Steele carried Cyclones over Hawkeyes
  12. cmoore_23

    ESPN Revolving Door

    The Revolving Door: Iowa State - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
  13. cmoore_23

    Bobby L to NC State?!

    I hope not...
  14. cmoore_23

    Recruiting Party!

    Is awesome!! All the coaches!! Epic is the best way to put it!
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    way OT how to recover from being cheated on

    my finacee cheated on me.. I gave her another chance but then she did it again.. and I'm struggling a little bit so I figured I'm sure I'm not the only dude to have that happen and I was wondering what people have done to help them get over it
  16. cmoore_23

    Decals on Wood??

    What is the best way to get stickers/decals to stick to a wooden box? Also anyone know a good place to go to get Decals made?
  17. cmoore_23

    Gabriel Iglesias

    I know he is already coming to Iowa but people need to like Iowa on this page to bring him back for FREE!!!!!! Get comedian Gabriel Iglesias to do a free concert in your state!
  18. cmoore_23

    WTB: need 2 cheap tix

    idc where they r I just need two.. call or txt 515-289-6913
  19. cmoore_23

    sunday night baseball commercial

    has anyone seen this haha i found it funny :biglaugh::notworthy: YouTube - ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: Clay Buchholz, Nick Swisher and Adam Scott sing "Sweet Caroline"
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    possible recruits? maybe...

    Anthony Salter - College Basketball Recruiting 2010 - ESPN the guy was signed at auburn but backed out when they changed coaches. Kevin Noreen - College Basketball Recruiting 2010 - ESPN there is already a thread about him but would still be a good pick up.. just dont know if we need...