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  1. ISU4Life

    Travel to Lawrence

    Does anyone know when the team will travel to Kansas and if they will bus or fly since it is a short trip? My wife was asking these questions and I didn't have an answer other than my opinion.
  2. ISU4Life

    SI Power Rankings up to #10
  3. ISU4Life

    G7 pass for sale or trade

    I would prefer to trade to B3, A1, or C3. If not, I would like to sell. I am not looking to make money, just what I invested ($250). Will take best offer till 8/18.
  4. ISU4Life

    Favorite recipe

    What is your favorite recipe? Something easy with not a ton of prep time. Post directions or links to your favorites. Mine is steak taco's. Flat iron steak, red cabbage, garlic, couple of limes, monetary jack cheese, cilantro, green salsa Chop cabbage and garlic, put in a bowl, squeeze limes...
  5. ISU4Life

    G7 Pass for Sale: any and all games

    I would rather sell all passes at once, but would consider selling by game. Best offer. PM if interested and I'll give contact info. Thanks
  6. ISU4Life

    CF app problems

    Anyone having issues with news / article page on the android phone app?
  7. ISU4Life

    World Cup: How do you move on?

    Is it lose and go home from here on out, or do ties still factor in?
  8. ISU4Life

    Reggie Stephens, 2nd best center in the draft?

    Opened up my Sporting News and on page 11 Russ Lande, SN draft expert, has Reggie listed as the 2nd best center in the draft. Granted it's one mans opinion, but how is he not invited to the combine?
  9. ISU4Life

    Not a fan of the TCU Uniforms

    The helmets and pants are bad, going from black to grey on the helmets and vice versa on the pants is just wrong and looks ugly.
  10. ISU4Life

    Cliff freaking Lee

    Holy CRAP!!!! Dominating the Yanks.