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  1. TheHelgo

    MLB: ****Official STL Cardinals 2021 Thread (ARENADO trade)****

    Better late than never Cards fans! What’s everyone think? Good shot at the division imo. All comes down to pitching and middle of the lineup batting production
  2. TheHelgo

    2020 NBA Mock Draft - ESPN

    New Mock Draft for 2020 out. Halliburton at #41. No other Cyclones listed
  3. TheHelgo

    Cy's Locker Room - Fail

    So, right after the Big 12 Championship game, I do what I have done historically - order the championship hat from Cy's. I realized this morning that I had yet to receive the order and contacted them about it. I received the following email: Good Afternoon, Thank you for contacting us...
  4. TheHelgo

    MLB: ***Official 2019 St. Louis Cardinals Season Thread***

    Ok, it seems to be that time of year, so let's hear it Cards fans - what's everyone thinking for 2019. Personally, I think this is the year we take back the Central. A great offseason for the Birds, with the additions of Goldschmidt and Miller. Goldschmidt has the ability to be an MVP should...
  5. TheHelgo

    Indiana me hope for ISU

    Another team that started the year very strong was Indiana. Through January 3, they were 12-2 and ranked #21 with impressive wins over Marquette & Louisville, with a 1 point loss at Arkansas and a loss @ #3 Duke. Early January saw two fairly narrow road losses to #2 Michigan and Maryland...
  6. TheHelgo

    Parking for TTech

    All, Bringing the family up for the Tech game. I haven't been up for a game where I didn't have parking arranged ahead of time for many years. We currently do not have parking arranged, so I am curious how it works on gameday for non-reserved parking. Are there cash pay lots that we can...
  7. TheHelgo

    Idea: Filter on Recent Posts Page?

    Just an idea for the future. It would be nice if there was the ability to filter out threads from certain sections from the Recent Posts page. Personally, I would just rather not see the political threads constantly on my front page. No problem at all with people talking about this - I just...
  8. TheHelgo

    WTB: Looking for 4 to Texas Tech

    This is last minute, but I am looking for 4 to tomorrow night's game. If anyone has 4 to sell, let me know. Thanks.
  9. TheHelgo

    WTB 3 for Coppin State

    All, Looking for 3 anywhere in Hilton for the 12/30 game. Called the ticket office and apparently they do not expect any to come available. I will buy 4 if they need to be sold as an even amount. If someone has some available, please direct message me. Thanks.
  10. TheHelgo

    WTB: 3 Coppin State Game Tickets

    I'm planning to be in the area over the holidays and would like to get to this game if possible. If anyone has 3 that they may want to sell, please message me with details.
  11. TheHelgo

    WTB: Looking for Parking Pass in C or S lots for UNI game

    Anyone have an extra parking pass they may be willing to sell in the C or S lots for the UNI game? Please PM with price willing to part for. Thanks.
  12. TheHelgo

    R Vaughn out with injury

    Siap. Sucks that he didn't pick us, but feel bad for the kid. Torn meniscus.
  13. TheHelgo

    HUGE crowd at Tulane tonight!!

  14. TheHelgo


    Anyone know his status? Thought he was potentially arriving yesterday? TIA.
  15. TheHelgo

    FS: Captains Level Season Tickets for Sale - Lower Level Section 23

    Captains Level Season Tickets for Sale - Lower Level Section 23 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Hello All, The person who usually buys my season tickets recently had to back out, so I am looking to sell my 2 Captains Level season tickets and S5 parking pass for this season. I live 7 hours from Jack...
  16. TheHelgo

    Top 5 Boz Scaggs Songs

    1. Lido Shuffle That's all
  17. TheHelgo


    To go a completely different direction late in the afternoon today - has anyone seen the official renderings of what our new scoreboard will look like yet? I have to think there is one out there
  18. TheHelgo

    Welcome a New Cyclone Fan!

    Hey All! My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world on Tuesday! Jonathan Michael was born at 1:47pm on Tuesday - weighing 7lbs 11oz. Oddly enough, he emerged wearing a ISU Cyclone onsie! Anyway, wanted to share the happy news!
  19. TheHelgo

    MBB Ticket Sales?

    are ticket sales not going very well? I got an automated call from Hoiberg tonight asking me to buy tickets. While appreciated, this is not something that happened any other year. I guess I could buy a couple if I had someone to unload them to, but I cannot make the trip from STL too often.
  20. TheHelgo


    Anyone else watching this game? I am very impressed with Clemson's crowd - never knew they had tht kind of support.