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    Cyclone warmup jacket.

    Anyone know where you can purchase a warmup jacket like the men's team wears? I've searched all of the regular sites like Sports Authority and Amazon without success. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Every time

    We ask for the national spotlight, this is what happens: A&M -'00 Huge loss at home on ABC OU - '02 Huge loss on the road on ABC Mizzou - '04 KU - '05 Utah - '10 Texas - '11 We can never establish any legitimacy as a program, because we lay eggs on the biggest stage. We can't complain about...
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    WTB: Up to 4 hillside tix against UT

    PM me if you have hillsides that you want to sell.
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    DG and Fred

    Garrett is a stud. With each passing game it becomes ever more apparent that the problems in his game the first three years were a result of the stultifying system in which he was operating. Fred has done a marvelous job with DG - allowing him to create, penetrate the lane and dish to open...
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    Roster/Future Roster XL spreadsheet link

    Awhile back there was a great link on the site to an excel sheet that someone had put together showing the rosters for the next few years given all of the new players. Can someone repost that please? I've done some searches in the forum and have not been able to find it. Thanks in advance for...
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    Professional "College" Football

    Saw this in Long-term, I think this is where everything is trending. Once upon a time, teams like Drake played ISU on a regular basis. At some point, the bigger schools pulled away and formed 1-A. I think where things are headed is something like this: A sort of college football/NFL...
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    End it.

    With the imminent demise of the Big 12 and the apparent relegation of ISU to a 'smaller' conference let's take UI at their word and carve out our own independent identity by ending the CY-Hawk series. With all that has transpired (Barta's comments, BOR lack of support etc) it is time to put an...
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    Big East vs. Mountain West

    Thought this would make an interesting poll. I realize prevailing opinion on this board is in favor of the Big East alignment for ISU, however I think the MWC might be a decent alternative as well. Here are some pertinent facts about the conference schools and their proximity to Ames, IA. I...
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    Please UNI make a deep run in the tournament.

    Make Jake the hottest mid-major coach in the country. Let Jake get hired away to another school. Let GM go home to UNI. A guy can dream can't he?
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    One reason to make a move ths year rather than waiting.

    Hasn't been discussed much, but making a move this year leaves ISU with a fairly wide open list of candidates. Waiting another year will likely result in ISU having competition with Iowa, Nebraska just to name two. Make a move this year and ISU will likely be the only Big 12 or Big 10 team in...
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    Home season finale...

    Had a lot of fun at all of the home games this year. Always bummed when the home season comes to a close. Seems like we wait forever for the season to start and then it is over so quickly. This year seems to have gone by faster than ever. Anyone else get bummed out when the home games are over?
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    ISU - CU

    In my dream scenario, tomorrow was going to be phase 2 of the perfect weekend. HB was going to sign with ISU, show up at tonight's BB win over Idaho State and then ISU was going to become bowl eligible by beating CU tomorrow. Given the way ISU routinely gets punched in the gut, am I the only...
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    ISU Alums - Your favorite professor at ISU

    Saw the article this week about salaries at ISU and it got me to thinking about all of the great professors I learned from in my time there. One of the best teachers I've ever had was Dr. Alan Wilt. He made every class a joy to attend by the manner in which he presented the material. When it...
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    What constitutes good art?

    I've been reading a few threads on here regarding things like Daughtry and the sculpture park over the last few weeks and they got me to thinking. What makes good art? For instance, several posters in the sculpture park thread were impressed with the sculptures on display while others were not...
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    Misc: Spring Football

    Watched the USFL film on ESPN tonight. Brought back some memories for me. I enjoyed watching that league during the short time it was around. The film portrayed Donald Trump as the ruination of the league and perhaps he was. Anyway, all of the people involved stated the same thing, that spring...
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    Idea: Separate Recruiting Forum?

    Just a thought. Maybe recruiting news could be posted in a separate forum. This would make it very easy to find within the site. For instance, as FB signing date nears you could quickly go to that forum for the very latest details. I know that Jeremy has decided to leave the recruiting news...
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    Any other history fans out there?

    If so, what are you reading/watching over the last few weeks? I just finished a book on the Fall of Berlin at the end of WWII. Haven't gotten started on my next one yet.
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    Baseline expectations - FB and Men's BB

    After every loss in either FB or BB, there are those who are critical of either coaches or players, particularly coaches, and those who are quick to defend said coaches with 'what did you expect, ISU is not Duke (BB) or USC (FB)'. So with that in mind, I thought I would lay out what my...
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    ISUVFMB Question

    Ok, I've been wondering this for years and just thought of it again for some reason. Just curious, why does the FB marching band have a drum major like they do at Wisconsin or Ohio State? Love the OSU tradition of spelling Ohio and dotting the I. Curious why ISU doesn't have a drum major leading...
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    Big men shooting the three.

    I was disappointed with the loss yesterday. Even though I had this game as an L throughout the season, I thought ISU had a decent shot to hang tough and possibly win this game. The team wasted a really spectacular performance by Brackins. It kind of supports what many of us have been saying, the...