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    Manhattan, KS - What To Do

    Never been, but heading there this weekend. Wanted to get info on the scene there. Is it an outdoor tailgate environment, or are bars close? What bars/restaurants are worth checking out? Anything else to do while there?
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    A cyclones fan hurt in summary

    We all put our hearts and souls into every team, every year. We all feel a part of the team. Family memories, hopes and some hidden tears. Hoiberg, Michalek, Wiiloughby, Fizer, Tinsey, Nurse, Horton...Naz, Monte, Burton, Georges, Thomas... Every year it hurts. This is the end of a era.. a...
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    WTB: 3 TCU tix

    WTB: 2 or 3 TCU tix Please text me at 515.229.8501. For my wife and I and father. Thanks!
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    OU @ KU

    My guess is KU in a nail biter. Lots of bad missed shots by OU early.
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    Looking for 4 End Zone Club seats

    Not sure the going rate or if I can afford, but want to drink beer during the game. Need 4 tickets.... Please let me know a price if interested.
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    3 tickets together: Sec Q Row 17

    In lot by vet med... Please let me know offer.
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    Parking Pass - UNI game

    Trying to secure a parking pass before Saturday's game. Please let me know if interested for a reasonable price.
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    BWW Ankeny

    Anyone know what's going on? Just drove by and the signs were gone and a moving truck was loading up all the furniture. If they no longer have a BWW, it will be tragic.
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    Best shooting team in the country

    I was pretty confident that the Cyclones were the best shooting team in the country, even after a bad night against the Game Cocks.... After watching Notre Dame tonight, I realize we don't shoot it as well as they do. Wow!
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    Trayvon Reed

    Former Maryland recruit who got arrested and booted from joining Maryland. Any chance?
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    Melvin wins POY in Big12

    NCAAM Melvin Ejim honored as Big 12's best - ESPN
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    Bring on K-state! 4/5

    Yes, I'm an idiot
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    Bring on Baylor! 3 vs 6!

    Way to go Tech!
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    Clones open up as 6pt dogs at OKSt

    A few PTs higher than I expected. I'll be taking the Clones.
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    KSU vs Texas

    Anyone else watching this game? Texas is a force at home. K-state looks like we did at Texas. K-state Does have some size which will give us fits, but haven't been shooting it well. TX isn't going to lose more than 1-2 at home in conf. Definitely a tourney team IMO.
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    Campout Kids

    Hopefully the guys who camp out on crazy games aren't camping out tonight? If they are... More than pizza will be needed. I recommend a bottle of vodka and one of those camel animals from Empire Strikes back.
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    5 tickets needed: NIU

    Please let me know.
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    Future at QB?

    Who do we have coming in to help the program at QB? It's been a long time since we had a QB who was anything but average. With all these amazing WRs we have and will have, why can't we find a game changing QB?
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    Why this one hurts more....

    As I am sitting here trying to figure out how to get rid of the anger, anxiety, rage, pity, and other feelings... I am wondering why it hurts more than in past years. The only thing I can come up with, is this was a winnable game, in a winnable bracket, and can only be comparable to our Elite 8...
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    ***Official Bench Steele Jantz thread***

    It's time