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    Hey - What ever happened to the UCONN/Cy situation

    I haven't heard anything for quite some time. Did Cy get paid? Did the bad folks get their punishment? Is the Cy guy doing well? I'm just curious and a concerned fan.
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    NFL Draft

    Have any of the good guys been drafted yet?
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    Our recruiting is so-so so far.

    I really don't know. If we have a thread about recruiting being great and one about recruiting being awful, my guess is that we can average this and move forward with Texas thoughts.
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    First of all, this is a partisan-free post from me. Per the Des Moines Regiester, check out these attendence figures for the Big Three schools in Iowa this weekend: Iowa State-----43,162 Iowa-----------70,585 UNI------------14,686 128,433 in the attendence figures Saturday. And the...
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    LOL at the Arizona fans. Perhaps they should act like they have been there before? Way to Go Wildcats, I guess.
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    KXNO question for Chris

    Chris - can you confirm or deny any rumors out there regarding you and KXNO and making your relationship more "official"? Your fanbase demands to know. :spinny:
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    Aw snap.

    FACEBOOK IS DOWN! What do I do now? My Petville needs attending.
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    Caffery's Steakhouse ad

    Does it drive anybody else crazy that the Caffery's Steakhouse pop-up add on this site has 'Ribeye' spelled as 'Ribey'? WTF? You can't disrespect a great cut of meat like a ribeye.
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    C.J. Effing Spiller!

    68 kickoff returns, 7 to the house! 10%+ in his career. He is sick-fast. What a fun guy to watch play.
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    Holy Smokes. This is unbelievable.

    They have the Yankees and Red Sox on ESPN tonight! How lucky are we? What is the chance that ESPN would pick up either of those two teams for their Sunday night game?
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    Just when I thought soccer was boring.

    The end of the Turkey/Croatia game was wild. Scoreless through 119 minutes of play, Croatia scores. Turkey scores 30 secs into extra time to tie it up and wins it in the shootout. I turned it on late and wanted to see a shootout. What an unbelievable finish. Check out your local...
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    NBA: DE-TROIT...

    BASKET-BALL... It's in my head. That is all.
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    Has "thrown under the bus" kind of "jumped the shark"?

    It seems like "thrown under the bus" is an incredibly overused term now. Especially used on both sides of the Wes/McD "situation". It was cute at first, but has definately reached its quota on this board in the past 72 hours. Just my thoughts. Please don't throw me under a truck for this...
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    Excessive Celebrations

    With all of the football I've watched today and yesterday, I'm sure every single one of them had at least one excessive celebration penalties after a touchdown, many games have multiples. I'm all for somebody being happy with scoring, but this stuff is too much. Spiking and diving and such is...
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    UCLA Uniforms

    Anybody have an idea as to why the 'C' on the UCLA men's basketball uniforms are gold while the 'U', 'L', and 'A' are blue? I'm sure there's a good reason for it, but I can't come up with it. Thoughts?
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    I heart the Army/Navy Game

    This game always impresses me. Guys going to the service academies not only going for a great education, but going for their country as well. Instant officers. Honor. Integrity. Different uniforms - same cause. Even if both teams suck, the atmosphere surrounding this game is always top...
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    Is it bad of me...

    to kind of hope Brady or Moss gets popped a good one when they are still in the game up 42-10 against Buffalo? And Bele-runemup-check is still going on 4th down? If Buffalo doesn't start tee-ing off on some guys, I'd be real suprised. Not that I condone this sort of thing. Just saying that...
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    Music at USF games

    Sweet Caroline in the 3rd quarter? Anybody know what their intro music is? True ISU-to-USF bandwagon fans need to know this stuff.
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    Are you kidding me?

    The most dominant mascot in the nation doesn't even place in the top 5 of the Big XII in this article? What are these guys smoking? The country spoke earlier this summer and Cy is the MAN! Give me a break. FOX Sports on MSN - Capital One Mascots - College Football's Top 25 Mascots
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    Ultimate Team Introduction

    Since it sounds like the tornado siren thing isnt possible to use to welcome the team onto the field, how about this as a sweet idea. Show a shot of Ed Wilson, John McLaughlin, or that Metinka hottie on the big board, breaking in with a weather update. They could say something like 'Holy...