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  1. Royalclone

    Chryslin Carr picks her 3rd school

    And it's not LSU.
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    Just to break up the crickets on this forum

    When does the VB team report back to campus?
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    Ryan is Miss Kansas Basketball
  4. Royalclone

    Kaylee Manns to be enshrined in Cyclone HOF

    Is she the first volleyball player to be named?
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    Caleb Grill hits big shot

    Grill just played in the Kansas All-Star basketball game, a couple weeks after leading the winning football team
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    The Fennelly Five.

    With his 25th season coming up next season, and Bill saying Bridget was one of his best players ever, I decided to look at just who would be the Fennelly Five. While I welcome all to share their Fav Fennelly Five, I put together this one based upon how individual players were ranked as far as...
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    Was curious if Bucknell was playing in Ames to provide one of their players a chance to play close to home. Sure enough, Kate Walker is a first team all-conference player from Red Oak. Her uncle lettered in tennis at ISU.
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    Another example of this team's problems

    Get momentum late in the second set, going up 2 with a good kill. Then a service error that starts a 5 pt run for Texas.
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    Graceland grabs a little Hilton South Magic

    Graceland won the 32 team NAIA Div I championship last night at Municipal Auditorium. It took a buzzer beater in overtime to pull out the win. No surprise hear that attendance for the final (6,377) was the largest since the historic tournament returned to KC in 2002. Iowans make downtown KC...
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    Custer hits shot to go to Sweet 16

    Hits it with 3.6 sec. left.
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    Sisters win in OT

    Finally play a team as poor at finishing as they are.
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    Playing in honor of her Mom- former ISU VB

    Article on Baylie Anderson who's Mom, Alicia Reynolds, played VB at ISU, ans succombed to cancer last December.
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    Mulkey likely gets some more face time on ESPN next week

    Her son Kramer Robertson's team just made the College World Series final by knocking off Oregon State two nights in a row. For those not keeping up, Robertson is the shortstop for LSU and was drafted in the fourth round by the Cardinals, BF's favorite team. The best of three series final...
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    ISU recruit Kassi Ginther ties national record.

    From Lee's Summit Journal Summit Christian Academy reached the Class 1 state tournament for a second straight season after beating St. Paul Lutheran 10-0 in a quarterfinal game at Concordia. Kassi Ginther scored seven goals for SCA and tied the national career record with her 315th goal. Riley...
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    Looking ahead to next season

    Can't believe how fast Seanna's time went by. Assuming the coaching staff stays the same, hoping the lawsuit does not become a distraction, and there are no additions or subtractions to the retuning roster and signed players, what will the team put on the court next year? The three B's...
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    KU's Home Court Advantage -VB

    It's not playing in Naismith. They use a shed instead of that barn.
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    Former ISU VB player fighting cancer

    Former ISU volleyball player Alicia Reynolds Andersen, who played 1982-85 is battling cancer. She was among those recognized this past week at a Dig for the Cure high school match her daughter was playing in. See the article below...
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    Not ISU, but the Shockers who the Cyclones beat 3-0. I thought we played pretty good defense, and Berta took over the reigns at Libero. Horner got the start at setter, which kind of caught me by surprise. From the post game it seems CJL feels she has some pretty good depth to work with.
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    Nov. 18, 2015 Hoiberg vs Hornacek

    That evening the Chicago Bulls play the Phoenix Suns in Phoenix. I have managed to arrange my schedule to be out there in my company's seats.
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    This article inolving Colton DiBlasi and wrestling will warm your heart

    Third in a series of articles on a boy with Down's syndrome who had been severely abused by his Mother.