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  1. cyattack69

    Ice fishing Central Iowa

    The cold snap seems to be finally coming. Any guesses on when first ice is going to be here?
  2. cyattack69

    Can we talk about the announcers for the Tech game??

    I don't know about everyone else...but between the announcers and the 0 holding calls on the Tech ISU was had to listen too. Might as well put it on subtitles..
  3. cyattack69

    Keeping Campbell

    I dont want to get the cart in front of the horse here...but after reading about how much of a dumpster fire KU football is, it just goes to show you how bad things can be, and how lucky we are for CMC. HYPOTHETICALLY, we go to a bowl game this year. Will other programs come calling? And if they...
  4. cyattack69

    Kempt is great...but....

    Kyle seems like a great guy, takes care of the ball, had a good 2 games, great success story. That being said, we don't win 6 games without Jacob Park...we need him back. He adds such a different dimension to our offense that Kyle just can't. Again love Kyle, I'd probably be friends with him...
  5. cyattack69

    Big 12 Standings

    This is so awesome to see, hope it lasts.
  6. cyattack69

    the Unique man that is Kempt

    Kyle Kempt isn't an athlete that's going to burn you or take your breath away..this is obvious. Between his Jay Cutler facial expressions and his Alex Smith game manager play, he is EXACTLY what ISU needs. Park wants to be "the man" Kempt wants to facilitate the ball to "the men". We have a TON...
  7. cyattack69

    Favorite Iowa State One Hit Wonder- Athlete Edition

    I will make the obvious pick here and go with The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Steele Jantz.