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  1. NorthCyd

    Scheduling a 16 team conference

    So how's that going to work for the SEC and any other conference that goes that route, especially if the SEC wants to stay at 8 conference games. If you do 2 divisions you would only see one team from the other division every year. That seems crazy. So what's the answer? 4 divisions? Increase...
  2. NorthCyd

    Origin of "Be someone or do something"

    Since this quote has been going around after the press conference I decided to check on where this comes from. It seems to be attributed to John Boyd, a famous and influential Air Force pilot and analyst for the pentagon. Really interesting guy who is known for passing up advancement...
  3. NorthCyd

    ISU #4 in ESPN FPI

    I know ESPN teased this already, but they released the entire top 25 today, so why shouldn't we take a moment to recognize again ISU is FREEKIN #4! Incredible.
  4. NorthCyd

    Just a florida man and his pickle...

    You knew where this was going from the title...
  5. NorthCyd

    Plane suffers cautostrophic engine failure

    Amazing no one died...
  6. NorthCyd

    Children skipping a grade

    Curious if anyone has had to make this decision with their child? The school has contacted me about it for my 4th grade daughter. I have lots of thoughts on it, but curious from anyone who may have had first hand experience making this decision one way or the other. I know my parents had to make...
  7. NorthCyd

    The last time you took a loss this hard

    So I am solidly in the depression stage of my grieving process right now. I really settled into the denial stage for a while, thinking that we made it to the championship and thats a major accomplishment... but nah. This one hurts... REAL bad. I'll be over it tomorrow after bowls are announced...
  8. NorthCyd

    Kirk Ferentz has covid

    Just reported on KXNO.
  9. NorthCyd

    Disney to usher in the robot apocalypse

    Disney provided a little nightmare fuel for Halloween. This is actually pretty cool, but couldn't they have made the robot a LITTLE less terrifying? This looks like the start of a sci-fi horror film.
  10. NorthCyd

    NASA about to sample an asteroid

    You can watch the OSIRIS-REx mission live. Suppose to actually land in about an hour.
  11. NorthCyd

    The greatest knockout in UFC history?

    SIAP "A relative unknown with an 0-1 record inside the Octagon heading into Saturday’s event on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, Buckley cemented his place on the UFC roster with a stunning and utterly insane second-round knockout of middleweight Impa Kasanganay."
  12. NorthCyd

    John Daly diagnosed with cancer
  13. NorthCyd

    Installing a new hard drive

    Looking for some advice. I purchased a new SSD for my laptop and was wondering how best to set it up. I know cloning is the easiest, but I've read that doing a clean install of windows and moving backups of files over will give you the best performance. My laptop is getting fairly old and there...
  14. NorthCyd

    Get your stimulus check payment

    Just FYI the website is up: I would check your status. Even though I filed and payed my taxes this year through direct debit it said it didn't have the necessary bank account information for me. This is weird because they definitely had no problem...
  15. NorthCyd

    Defensive Holding First Down

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but why did we not get a first down on the defensive holding call late in the game? It didn't matter, but I thought that was automatic? Guessing it's because Purdy didn't throw the ball, and if so that is dumb and needs to be changed.
  16. NorthCyd

    FS: Sold

    Going to park at a friends house so my G7 (now vetmed) pass is for sale. $40. Pickup in north Ankeny this evening preferred. Possibly do it tomorrow in Ames but not until after noon.
  17. NorthCyd

    Last game ISU played well

    When is the last time this team really put things together and played well? I would say going back to Texas last year this team has not played a game anywhere near their full potential and have a 3-3 record. There have been plenty of games like yesterday where they dominated in lots of areas but...
  18. NorthCyd

    Hawk fans gonna turn on Stanley

    It's already happening. Word is out Stanley has looked like crap in practice recently and the hawk media is rumbling about the backup and I heard one fan talking **** about Stanley on the radio today. Mark it down, Stanley is going to struggle in one of the first 2 games and hawk fans are going...
  19. NorthCyd

    KU Selling Alcohol at Games That's over half the conference now. Is ISU going to end up being the only hold out on this?
  20. NorthCyd

    New Puppy Advice

    We are bringing a 10 week old Boston Terrier puppy home tomorrow. I've done this several times before, but it's been a long time. Anyone have any advice on keeping the puppy calm the first few nights in his crate?