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  1. BACyclone

    Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast interviews Coach Joel Gordon

    One of the hosts of the Athlon Sports Cover 2 podcast (a good follow by the way) interviewed several position coaches of the top college QBs for this episode, under the premise of how they are preparing the top QBs for the upcoming season with the reality of remote coaching. Included in the...
  2. BACyclone

    This isn't the correct game week for this, but...

    at the risk of having fun at the expense of someone else's misery, this picture is priceless. Unconfirmed whether they had plans to cheer for the Panthers on the way back home.
  3. BACyclone

    MAC Freshman of the Year to transfer

    MAC Freshman of the Year Darius Paul transferring from Western Michigan | CollegeBasketballTalk Abdel Nader seems like a better prospect between the two in the short term (plus he is clearly interested in us) and Paul appears to be most interested in coming back to Illinois -- but it is...