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  1. PineClone

    Friday OT #1 - Rubbing Pennies

    I do this regularly, especially for frozen fruit/vegetables. I rinse the bag and then store them flat in the freezer. No reason for a ziplock bag to be one and done.
  2. PineClone

    Why Now?

    Exactly what i was thinking. I wonder how much viewership would be lost? If there is a super conference that leaves out everyone else, I don't see myself watching those games because i will no longer care. I'll just find something else to do.
  3. PineClone

    Can you add one word to a Band Name and ruin it?

    Jack Off Johnson Old Cheryl Crow Medicine Show
  4. PineClone

    Brewery Discoveries on Vacation

    Maui Brewing is worth a visit. Their ice bar is pretty cool and the food is decent. Beer is okay. Maui Brewing makes their own ketchup, made with their beer. Word to the wise: Making something with beer seems like a neat idea...and that's about it. Don't spend the extra $ for their special ketchup.
  5. PineClone

    Staging a home for sale

    This is a pain but...Box up 80% of the stuff from your closets to make them look more spacious.
  6. PineClone

    Bicycle Tires and Tubes

    Where i live we have goat-heads (aka puncturevine) which are hell on tires. I have run my bikes (both cyclocross and mountain) with tubed and tubeless. Tubeless works well but I got tired of maintaining the messy fluid, so i went back to tubes. Contrary to other responses so far, I patch tubes...
  7. PineClone

    What is up with the accordion players?

    No other replies mentioned seeing them. So I think its possible that you're the only one who can see them....Weird.....
  8. PineClone

    Former Local Personalities Today

    Kari Lake was in my graduating class at North Scott. I think she was a local newsperson in the QC area, then gained popularity and moved to Phoenix. Apparently she's running for governor. Kari Lake
  9. PineClone

    Irrigation systems

    Our meters are set up to where they will show an alarm during the monthly meter readings if there is a leak. The water district notifies customers if they have a leak. I'd contact your utility and find out if the can tell you whether or not you have continuous flow. Our drinking water and...
  10. PineClone

    Maple syrup

    I prefer cold (or room temp) syrup on hot pancakes. French fries are hot, ketchup is cold. Do you put warm ice cream on hot apple pie? NO!
  11. PineClone

    Unpaid Internship Debate

    My son is actively looking for a software engineering internship. He's a junior in college. Obviously he'd prefer to get paid, but I've suggested that he consider volunteering somewhere. He gets one college credit for completing a summer internship, so that alone would be worth it. Because as of...
  12. PineClone

    Best "Cheap" Beer

    I'm assuming this must be cheap beer? Found along the sidewalk.
  13. PineClone

    Coffee Maker

    Buy an AeroPress and a coffee grinder. Find the best coffee shop in town and buy their beans. If you have on-demand hot water, you don't even need to spend time heating up your water. Nice thing about the AeroPress is that it is portable. We do a monthly "Dudes in Kayaks Getting Coffee", where...
  14. PineClone

    Workout Help!

    BeachBody is definitely worth a try. I think you can get a 30 day free trial. I'd recommend trying the 21 Day Fix with Autumn. Get to know some of the workouts, repeat them. Most stuff you can do at home. These are quick and efficient workouts and will kick your butt, no matter what level of...
  15. PineClone

    Wes Miller

    At ISU it isn't all about winning. Johnny had some down years, but had an exciting brand of basketball. Floyd's teams could be boring but at least they had an identity (Defense, rebounding, toughness). My opinion is the next coach needs to establish some kind of team identity, and get players to...
  16. PineClone

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    Agreed. At the end of the day, its about what makes you happy. If Prohm wakes up every day thinking about ways to make more money, then absolutely take the buyout. If the pressures of the job are causing stress and exponential aging, then quit. Neither of these would make him a good or bad...
  17. PineClone

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    I realize this was only a tiny window into a regular practice, so probably unfair, but i'll say it anyway. Last season ISU put out a video of a Prohm locker room speech. At one point he told the team that they needed to get better at rebounding. He asked the team, "What are we going to do about...
  18. PineClone

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    A lot of Pollard bashing here. Is he perfect? No. But is anyone? Texas football has had three coaches in six years. Finding the right coach is not an easy job. JP has done so much for ISU athletics besides hiring coaches. I'd have a hard time trading him for any other AD in the country.
  19. PineClone

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    I really feel that there is a good chance that Coach Prohm resigns after the season. Many here have commented that he'll continue on because he can't leave the money on the table. Many have also commented that he's a good guy. If you're already a rich man, why continue with the daily pressures...
  20. PineClone

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    I have watched ISU basketball religiously for the last 30 years. Even during the down years, there would always be a chance of pulling an upset. This year and last, i've had no real interest in watching. I don't even know when the next game is. I bought in to Coach Prohm's plan in year 1 to not...