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  1. CyclonesFan4ever

    WBB: Arianna Jackson's All Iowa Attack 10th Elite Team Won the Nike 16U National Championship (ESPNU)

    Great news WBB fans. In this week's Nike AAU Circuit Peach Jam National Championship in North Augusta, SC, Arianna Jackson's All Iowa Attack 10th Elite Team has won 5 games in a row and made it to the 16U national championship game. For the first time ever, the game will be broadcast on ESPNU...
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    Jaylin Noel and Howard Brown's YouTube Channel

    I thought it deserves its own thread because this new entity is going to grow and it will give us plenty to talk about. Credit to Kaner04 and bozclone for mentioning it previously. The two freshmen Jaylin Noel (WR) and Howard Brown (DL) from Kansan City opened their YouTube channel "HB13...
  3. CyclonesFan4ever

    2021 Iowa High School Sports Awards (ISU-Related)

    The 2021 Iowa High School Sports Awards were handed out on July 15. Two future Cyclones received three awards. Emily Wood is the Female Athlete of the Year of All Sports. She will be playing softball at ISU. For more info about her, please check out my post in the ISU Softball Thread...
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    Fun Friday: Can You Name All the Cyclone Legends in This TikTok Video?

    I was checking the CycloneATH official TikTok account and found this video. Let's test what kind of fan level you are on. ;) Honestly, I can name 8 out of 10 without research so I will need to work harder to achieve the ultimate die-hard level. DO NOT click on the SPOILER until you test...
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    Is It Time We Established the Matt-Campballism?

    I just read the CR Gazzatte's ISU beat writer Ben Visser's article about Big12 Media Days, in which he sums up some of the mottos/catch phrases Coach Campbell has used since he came to ISU. I excerpt the related part of his article below. Every year or so Iowa State football coach Matt...
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    Cyclone Game Center Season 2 MBB Episodes

    Starting two weeks ago, has been releasing an episode of Cyclone Game Center weekly hosted by John Walters. This week's episode features the unforgettable thriller - the 2013 ISU vs WVU game (remember Georges' game-winner?). Coach TJ, Cyclone MBB legends Melvin Ejim, Tyrese McGee...
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    The ISU MBB 2021-2022 Season Media Availability Thread

    I thought we should open up a new thread that dedicates to coaches' and players' interviews. Here it goes. It's very nice to see TJ and players take their time giving us an offseason update. Those reporters who cover our MBB program must be excited they can finally conduct their interviews on...
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    Bridget Carleton Becomes the First-Ever Iowa State WBB Player to Participate in the Olympics

    I'm posting here for three reasons. 1. This news has its historical significance and it deserves its own thread and more attention. 2. The Pro Sports forum has far more traffic than the WBB forum. 3. The Pro Sports forum is not just for discussion of male sports/athletes only. Huge...
  9. CyclonesFan4ever

    Sami Williams Named The 2021 Iowa State Female Athlete of the Year

    IMO this news deserves its own thread. Congratulations to ISU Softball GOAT Sami William for this well-deserved honor. You have helped elevated ISU Softball Program to its best in school history. We are truly grateful you have chosen to wear the cardinal and gold and will never forget what...
  10. CyclonesFan4ever

    Coach Steve Prohm at Murray State 2020 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

    This might be Coach Prohm's first public appearance recorded on video since his departure from ISU. On June 19, he was at Murray State to induct his mentor Billy Kennedy (currently an assistant coach at Wichita State) and his former star player Cameron Payne (currently the backup point guard of...
  11. CyclonesFan4ever

    Jeremy Sudbury Promoted to Director of ISU Track & Field and Cross Country

    Breaking news for ISU Athletics. I hope Coach Sudbury can take our Track & Field and Cross Country program to a new height.
  12. CyclonesFan4ever

    David Carr Update (Awards, Season Review, Family, etc.)

    Just opening a new thread dedicated to our National Champion David Carr. 1. Today is his father Nate Carr's 61st birthday. Happy Birthday to the Cyclone wrestling legend! 2. It's great to see David finally receives his Big12 Wrestler of the Year trophy. 3. Congratulations to David for...
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    Secretly Recorded Team Meeting Audio Leaked from Wisconsin MBB

    Just saw Travis Hine tweeted about the MBB program of his alma mater and thought I'd pass along. Here's the recorded audio. Response from Greg Gard
  14. CyclonesFan4ever

    Iowa State Assistant Football Coaches Receive Salary Bumps and Contract Extension

    It's great to see our football coaching staff got well taken care of. Kudos to Coach Campbell and JP. Reported by RandyPete. I excerpt some eye-catching parts. According to contracts provided The Des Moines Register Monday, the eight veteran fulltime assistant coaches saw 2021 increases of...
  15. CyclonesFan4ever

    Jamie Pollard on Eric Voelker (Former Cyclone Wrestling Champion) Podcast

    Former Cyclone Wrestling two-time national champion, currently the pastor of Lutheran Church of Hope Eric Voelker starts a new summer series of Coffee & Prayer podcast. In Ep. 1 "Prayer and Perseverance", Jamie Pollard is his guest and he shares a story about God's faithfulness in his life...
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    WBB Coach Bill Fennelly Received Contract Extension

    Congratulations Coach Fen!
  17. CyclonesFan4ever

    Mount Rushmore of ISU WBB Program

    The same idea came up to me when I read this thread in another forum. How about we discuss the Mt. Rushmore candidates for our WBB program? Here are mine. 1. Coach Bill Fennelly This should be unanimous. Without him, ISU WBB wouldn't have had the level of success we are having right now...
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    Welcome Home "Aus" !!!

    While we are excited about the hiring of T.J. Otzelberger as our new MBB head coach, I'd like to create this separate thread by giving my warmest welcome to our favorite Australian WBB Cyclone Alison "Aus" Lacey Otzelberger. Welcome home Aus! It's great to have you back to the Cyclone family...
  19. CyclonesFan4ever

    The 2021 NCAA WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (Go Cyclones!)

    Disclaimer: In regards to ISU game day discussion and postgame summary threads, it will still be BoxsterCy and acoustimac who do the honor. ;) On the eve of Selection Monday, this thread is created for general discussion of a variety of topics involving all NCAA tournament teams, focusing on...
  20. CyclonesFan4ever

    The 2021 Big12 WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (with ISU Poll)

    Disclaimer: In regards to ISU game day discussion and postgame summary threads, it will still be BoxsterCy and acoustimac who do the honor. ;) This thread is created for general discussion of a variety of topics involving all Big12 teams, focusing on our beloved Twister Sisters throughout the...