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  1. Jerms

    Wendy Wintersteen & Jamie Pollard Address the Fans

    Email JP so he knows what to do. Thanks
  2. Jerms

    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    Article out of WVU says the real reason behind this is because OU was tired of the 11:00 kickoffs. It hurt recruiting too much.
  3. Jerms

    Jason Essex Commits!!

    Ok. That’s nowhere on my screen, but there’s one up there about Audi Crooks. Oh well.
  4. Jerms

    Jason Essex Commits!!

    Heck, this one wasn’t even 2 pages. Normally there’d be about 10 pages of boner jokes…
  5. Jerms

    Jason Essex Commits!!

    Well, that’s kinda my point. With other commits, one of the top threads is specifically about that commitment like this one. On my app, there isn’t a single thread in the top 2 pages that mentions his name. I’m not wasting my time going through the mega threads if that is what you are...
  6. Jerms

    Jason Essex Commits!!

    How good is recruiting going this year when we have a 4 star WR commit and there is no reaction on here at all?
  7. Jerms

    Quick hit from Sooner land... national championship goes through ISU.

    I don’t know how many years I stared at the schedule figuring out how we could possibly get to six wins. Now as Campbell puts it **** programs worry about 6 wins.
  8. Jerms

    Quick hit from Sooner land... national championship goes through ISU.

    Funny thing is, in the past when the team has had relatively high expectations, I would be freaking out waiting for what could be that “special” season. Now I’m not worried about it at all. We’ve already had what I would’ve considered 5-10 or so years ago to be that special season. Now...
  9. Jerms

    cream puffs ...

    Congratulations on 1948-1973 I guess. Still don’t care.
  10. Jerms

    ISU #4 in ESPN FPI

    Looking at their various odds that I think are interesting: 99.9% at getting 6 wins, or as Campbell puts it “**** teams worry about 6 wins.” Better odds of making playoffs (40.6) than winning conference (28.8). So we don’t necessarily need to beat OU twice.
  11. Jerms

    Gabe Kalscheur Commits

    On any of Pollard’s hires what indications were there of other coaches being contacted or interviewed? Pollard has always been very secretive on coaching hires and I think it’s better this way. Concluding that Pollard didn’t talk to anybody just because he didn’t make it public doesn’t make...
  12. Jerms

    Caleb Grill has transferred out of UNLV

    Can we stop getting off topic and back on the topic of girls in bikinis grilling please?
  13. Jerms

    Pollard being arrogant over the years

    Maybe on this site. General fans had no idea who he was and had higher expectations. I know a lot of people weren’t happy with him bringing the same staff over saying they weren’t ready for Big XII.
  14. Jerms

    Pollard being arrogant over the years

    Funny thing is what was considered to be bad hires at the time turned out the best. Hoiberg had no experience and people were concerned we’d have to fire a legend in a few years. A lot of people responded with “who?” when Campbell was announced. And then he just brought his entire coaching...
  15. Jerms

    I like this guy's breakdown of our football schedule next year... Thoughts?

    Terrified of high expectations? No. What would you rather have: high expectations and come up short, or low expectations and meet them?
  16. Jerms

    Jaquan Amos Commits!!!

    One thing I’m not worried about right now is next year being our one shot at glory.
  17. Jerms

    WBB: Ashley Joens record watch

    Amazing how many of those top 10 all-time record holders are under Fennelly’s watch.
  18. Jerms

    BIG 12: 5-0 for the bowl season

    I love that Indiana, Cincinnati, and Coastal Carolina, the three teams complaining about ISU getting in ahead of them, all lost. While we dominate ours.
  19. Jerms

    Very content

    Bah! Bah! Baaaaa!!!!
  20. Jerms

    ***NY weekend football games thread***

    So Georgia does care I guess.