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  1. CloneFan03

    4 tickets for Baylor

    4 tickets available for Baylor game on Saturday. Section 206, row 9 Seats 5-8, $20 each ($70 for all 4). Will transfer electronically.
  2. CloneFan03


    Looking to buy 5 tIckets OR 3 and 2 together. If you have anything let me know! Big win!
  3. CloneFan03

    Big 12 tourney thoughts/seeding

    Looks like we'll play Baylor according to the mreds bracket generator regardless of who wins that game.
  4. CloneFan03

    Google Fi

    In my few weeks of using it I have been mostly in Des Moines Metro area, but also up to Fort Dodge and Ottumwa. I have had no issues with coverage in those trips so far. I used to be on US Cellular, and had good coverage across Iowa, so I am assuming I should have the same coverage with Google Fi.
  5. CloneFan03

    Google Fi

    Agree with best if you are on WiFi a lot. I am at work and home so I use very little data.
  6. CloneFan03

    Google Fi

    Anyone else tried Google Fi cell service? Google Fi has finally changed to allow anyone with a 319 number to join. They have also changed the phone requirements, so you can use Samsung and Apple phones with their service. I've been wanting to try this for a few years now and finally made the...
  7. CloneFan03

    Maui Invitational Iowa State Hotel Update/Info from Anthony Travel

    I just called the hotel to see how my stay would be affected due to the strike. I was informed that the hotel is back to almost normal operations already with the only thing still affected being the restaurants and any room service. She told me that food would be available up until 6 p.m. but...
  8. CloneFan03

    NM --- my bad

    I'm going to email Jamie about this...
  9. CloneFan03

    NM --- my bad

  10. CloneFan03

    Favorite Line in Movie History

    "I was checking the...uh....specs on the end line....for the rotary....gurter....I'm ********, I....." "You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a butchers ass, but wouldn't'd have to be YOUR bull." -Tommy Boy
  11. CloneFan03

    2018 Maui Tournament

    Booked today! Let's hope we can compete!
  12. CloneFan03

    Welch bar bathrooms

    Lumpys by far. Would often just cross the street and piss in the trees on campus. Many just peed in a corner. Loved that place.
  13. CloneFan03

    Big Brother Season 19

    Whistle Nut
  14. CloneFan03

    Want: Solheim Cup tickets

    Order Hy-Vee Pavilion tickets and use code "Valpak" and get them for $50.
  15. CloneFan03

    Radon found on inspection

    When we bought 5 years ago, seller paid half and the realtors split the other half. They didn't want to miss out on commission so they paid to Ensure we bought. I'd absolutely ask and say it's an important factor in purchasing.
  16. CloneFan03

    Feedback: If you are having any ad related problems, report here

    Over and over and over on mobile. Still waiting on my gift card, too.
  17. CloneFan03

    Lawn care

    I have issues with the dogs too. Lots of urine spots. I've had good luck using organic products over regular products like Scott's as that seems to compound the urine spot problem. I really like Turf Pro. Put down once a month and have green grass all summer!
  18. CloneFan03

    Scalping Tix in Milwaukee or buy before

    Ive been contacting people off far the 4 i've spoken too are all somehow selling section 225 row S.....Seems legit that Gabrial, tommy, jason, and ron are all in the same row selling tix on craigslist.
  19. CloneFan03

    WTB: 4 tix for Saturday

    Looking for 4 tickets for Saturday in Milwaukee. Already up here, so if anyone has 4 extra or knows where we can get some, let me know of and we can meet up! Go State!