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    Former Local Personalities Today

    Was listening to the Morning Rush and they were talking about Travis's days in TV broadcasting and where some of the people in the intro they played are at now. For instance one of the guys he worked with got arrested the other year for sending threatening emails to an official over COVID...
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    2021 NCAA Tournament Mascots

    Anyone find a bracket or something that has all the mascots for the teams in the tournament this year? I've been so busy with work this week the few free moments I've had to look for one and I am coming up empty so far. I usually find one like this I can print out. My 1st grader has been...
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    Where do buy your cell phone?

    Has anyone bought a phone directly from Samsung's website? Seems too good to be true but was pricing S21 5G phones for less than $3 a month pre-order on their website with a trade in. Always seems to be some kind of catch when a deal seems too good.
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    Charley Pride Passes

    Dammit... 2020 and Covid takes another good one away from us
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    National Hobo Days?

    Ran across a YouTube channel on my suggested videos feed and apparently found that there is a National Hobo convention in Britt, IA every year. Anyone ever heard of this before? Apparently has been happening since 1900 although it was canceled by...
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    Electronic Picture Frames

    My brother proposed an idea for a Christmas gift for our parents to buy an electronic picture frame that you can send pictures to them remotely through an app. Something like this: Anyone bought something like this and have any reviews or suggestions of which ones they liked and recommend...
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    Smoking Turkey

    Thinking of doing something small scale and not smoking a whole turkey but buying some fresh Turkey legs and breasts and smoking some smaller portions. Anyone have some tips on what to do or not to do? Have one friend that has smoked a few whole turkeys and his main advices is inject it with...
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    New $250 Mil Multi-Use Development Planned for Grimes Supposedly will be the largest sportsplex in the Midwest
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    Top Shelf Whiskey made in days?

    Interesting story: We all know the best whiskeys are barrel aged for several years and not surprised people are trying technology to speed up the process now. Tim Smith tried aging his moonshine using some charred...
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    Sonya Heitshusen was forced out at Ch 13

    Well this explains a lot about her sudden departure at WHOTV: From the sound of the article it would appear she may be gearing up for...
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    Chromebook Recommendation

    Looking at purchasing a Chromebook for a 1st grader to use the days she will be learning from home with the school going with a hybrid model. Anyone have any suggestions on make/models they recommend? The school provides Chromebooks for 3-12 grades but nothing for K-2 at the moment.
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    Let's Help Carson Raise Some More Money!

    Hope my link works here else I will edit this post later tonight. Carson King will be one of the celebrities participating in the Governor's Charity Steer Show which raises money for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Iowa. Even more fitting this event was moved to the Hansen Learning Center on the...
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    2000 Insight Bowl watch

    This is great. Ben Bruns, Sage Rosenfels, Reggie Hayward, and Coach McCarney join JW. Really enjoyed watching this, I was attending ISU at the time so I have lots of good memories as a student attending games that season and making the long road trip to Phoenix to be at that game. It is...
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    ISF Diamond Jack's Tax Evasion Charges KCCI and others have story on this too if you don't want to read the Rag's version. I was just there last week for a dinner event...
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    Big 12 Feature on Solo

    Great video on the Big 12 social media featuring Solo
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    Granite City Files for bankruptcy Wonder if this is the end of the one in West Des Moines eventually?
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    New TV Shows

    Any recommendations out there for new TV shows that just came out this fall? Probably should have asked this a week or 2 ago before my DVR wiped out the premier week. I gave Bluff City Law on NBC a try and after watching the pilot episode I plan to watch some more as it was good enough to...
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    NFL: ***Official Kansas City Chiefs Thread***

    Didn't see one yet so starting a thread. Are with witnessing the start of possibly the greatest QB career in NFL history? After years of watching the Chiefs be mediocre I have a new swagger with Mahomes being able to make big plays when needed. He makes it look too easy at times.
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    Cam Lard Article

    I'm sure there is a relevant thread I could have replied to for this but couldn't find a recent one. Pretty good read...
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    Big 12 Awards Wigginton 6th man of the year. Shayok 1st team and all newcomer team Honorable mention: THT, NWB, Wigginton THT all freshman team