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    Prohm Defenders

    Prohm is a good to better than good recruiter. But until he hires an assistant to run all the x's & o's we will never be good. He might be the worst in the country at actual basketball coaching. Again, last night, 5 second call on a BLOB play out of a timeout. Inexcusable. Have we ever...
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    Urban Meyer shows his stripes ... again

    I completely disagree. The difference between his salary of 3.5 million and a blue blood(5-9 million) is more money per year than most of us can understand. If Ferentz is making 4.9 mil, then I say we pay Campbell 5 million per now. That is how you keep him, pay him the market rate for who...
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    Breece Hall and Troy Davis Impressions

    The More I watch him, I am starting to realize he is the best we have ever had. His vision is ridiculous, speed is NFL ready, his shiftiness is insane, and he has power. He is the most complete back we have ever had, and he is the best college back I have seen play this season. Sit back...
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    oklahoma football=Kansas basketball You have to beat them and the refs(the conference)
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    told ya
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    another one they will give to oklahoma
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    not if the refs call phantom holding calls
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    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    Watched the Laker game last night and was impressed with THT. Smooth going to the hoop and played some decent defense at times. The Announcers were impressed with him also. Ernie mentioned him and Iowa State in the post game show so that is always a win.
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    Starting lineup for 2020-21 Season

    I think most are lumping XF in with Conditt and Young. I think XF could play a bunch of stretch 4 and play with Young or Conditt at the 5. I guess I see a much bigger lineup this year than the last few years. We could play all 3 if necessary with XF at the 3. Harris Bolton Coleman-Lands XF...
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    Terrence Lewis transferring

    I would like to see that game. Too bad Iowa won't play them. Iowa might start the season top 10, but they won't finish it top 10.
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    Terrence Lewis transferring

    I still think Lewis should have started all year, and was probably the best player on our team(Outside of Halliburton). Prohm wouldn't play him, so he is out. I don't blame him. He should go to UNI next year, and they will be by far the best team in our state. People like to blame his...
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    The NCAA tournament will be closed to fans

    A life long obsession of going out to drink beer, and eat things like hot dogs, nachos, walking tacos, and clone cones, and then you end up with heart disease. So I would argue that going out in large groups can cause heart disease.
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    The NCAA tournament will be closed to fans

    A person dies every 30 seconds from heart disease in this country. This is just a fear campaign.
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    The NCAA tournament will be closed to fans

    People are bound and determined to let this put our economy into recession. So dumb...
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    It's Time to name the Court

    I think statues on the corners of the new retail center in-between the stadiums would be cool. like the walk of fame, with statues, and stars on the ground for hall of fame athletes.
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    Greg McDermott= Naismith Semifinalist

    Can we just be happy for him? It didn't work out at Iowa State for whatever reason. It was weird honestly. Great recruiter, good coach, just something was off. Now he is in a great situation and succeeding, great for him and his family. I am happy for him.
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    4 tickets in section 111 Row 12, Seats 12-15. At half court. Great Seats with parking pass. $120 for all 4.
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    Daytona 500

    He still must be concussed because he forgot his shoes.
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    *** Official Kansas State Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I’d be pissed if I was solo. Wtf else is he supposed to do to get more minutes Steve?
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    *** Official Kansas State Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    For the love of god take Jacobson out