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    Preseason NIT

    Luckily, on the interwebs no on is responsible for any prediction they ever make, so i'm gonna go against the grain here. I'm thinking TJ's new outfit will be way better than anyone expected early in the season. Thus raising unreasonable expectations ever higher than warranted, culminating in...
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    Basketball preseason predictions

    Record: 15-15 MVP: Brockington Newcomer: Hunter Surprise: Grill (to most of you; not to me) Most improved: nearly every player
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    Fran McCaffrey new Transfer Portal Move

    That's odd. He's usually known for his exquisite taste and high intellect.
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    Fran McCaffrey new Transfer Portal Move

    Gotta love he strategic use of quote marks: ".....especially after “earning” a “full” “athletic” “scholarship” for the “basketball team,” it appears as though his lease has run out."
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    Otzelberger's First Recruiting/Transfer Class - FULL

    It's a cliche and maybe unwarranted optimism, but better conceived offense and players knowing their roles, rhythm, and 'spots' on the floor improves those numbers. Not talking about McGee, Thomas or Naz shooting, but even some improvement will lead to wins. Statistics are results, not causes.
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    Not a pro talent evaluator, but watching from the Holiday Inn last night, this is the last piece for TL that I would want.
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    Caleb Grill is Returning to Iowa State

    Heard this from TJ interview, too. Largely the basis of my optimism.
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    Caleb Grill is Returning to Iowa State

    Grill's gonna be way better and play a lot more minutes than a lot of you seem to think.
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    This guy has to be coming to Ames right?

    I know. In a city otherwise known for it's ethical integrity and success based on merit.
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    Caleb Grill has transferred out of UNLV

    The lack of focus and attention is alarming around here.
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    RECRUITING: Jalen Coleman-Lands is a Cyclone

    No. Jess Settles was, if memory serves, 7 years older than Dr. Tom Davis.
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    I will not silent while you insult sheep by that comparison.
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    I heard from my guy in AD that's it's going to be a Triumvirate, like during the Roman Empire, of Matta, Altman, and Freddie. And then whomever kills off the other two will be coach in three years.
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    If he's our coach now, I'm behind him. He wasn't in my top three, but I looked in my mailbox, my email, and my Iphone, and neither Pollard nor Wendy was asking my opinion. This ain't hard, folks. We're headed up from 2-22/0-18 and I don't care if Elmer Fudd is the new coach.
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    Emergency Pod: What's next for ISU basketball?

    All right, so at least we'e cleared it up and can agree on one thing: No on is qualified to replace the biggest fiasco in ISU basketball history*, so the position will have to remain open for the present time, until we can form a new Search Committee and/or hire another Consultant Group. [*With...
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    STANZ: Coaching Search Hot Board 1.0

    I like to drink dark malty beer, but scotch even better. Nevertheless, I will ignore your insult; I am with you on this.
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    Emergency Pod: What's next for ISU basketball?

    Not sure you've earned that Ron avatar as yet.
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    Emergency Pod: What's next for ISU basketball?

    This is not a critique by any means, but if I ever heard a "Lowered Expectations" [SNL joke, btw] speech, it was Pollard today. If you prefer, call it a "long rebuild" instead. And I agree that it is a very strong clue about the general nature of the search and the eventual hire.
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    POLL: TJ or Field

    I want you to know I googled that term. And I still don't understand what it means. In basketball coaching hire terms, I mean.