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  1. heitclone

    Bobby Bowden illness

    Legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden has been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, the Tallahassee Democrat confirmed with the family on Wednesday. Bowden, 91, coached the Seminoles from 1976-2009, building the program into a national power by amassing a 304-97-4 record...
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    More Wins

    It's crazy that this is even a legit question but with FB potentially winning double digit games, who ends up with more wins, Cyclone football or Cyclone MBB?
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    LSU ignores sexual assault complaints against athletes Not good news for Ed O. Sounds like dozens of assaults may have been ignored as well as not reported the misconduct as required via title IX
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    Terrence Lewis transferring
  5. heitclone

    Terrence Lewis transferring

    Reported by Stansbury
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    Ohio St players charged with kidnapping and rape

    Disgusting but sadly, not surprising. After several minutes, they stopped and Riep told the woman that she needed to say what happened was “consensual on a video recording while...
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    March 10th 2017

    Was the last time we took down the powerhouse TCU basketball program. Monte Morris was our PG. Only one of those TCU teams made the NCAA tournament. Speaks volumes about where our program is right now.
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    What would make the 2020 half of the season a success to you?

    8 league wins would probably satisfy me at this point, even though that'd mean no post season
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    Browns Player Cut for Threatening/racist tweets Dude had a rough day. His twitter account was suspended minutes after the week 9 loss to Denver.
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    Iowa High School Football Playoffs

    Get kicked off tonight.
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    Parents adopt 8 year old who is actually an adult

    With dwarfism, who tried to kill them.
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    Multi State Opioid Bust Pretty big bust by the Appalachian Regional Prescription Strike Force focusing on medical professionals running pill mills, covers 11 states. Hopefully they put the...
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    Alex Trebek diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

    Of the pancreas. he's 78 and plans to finish this season of Jeopardy.
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    NCAA tourney has a geography problem Interesting read, came out after the initial top 16 was released. Should they continue to put two first sites in the west? Thought this was especially interesting about last year...
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    Art Briles to interview for OC at Southern Miss

    at Southern Miss....puke!
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    Nebraska incest competition A 21 year old slept with and eventually married her 39 year old biological father, whom she had not known or met until a few months ago. Apparently...
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    Hook Em at K Boo

    Big Monday. Horns up 1 at the half in the Phog.
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    Jalen Hurts to transfer Grad transfer, immediately eligible. Where he end up? You'd assume SEC...Florida State maybe?
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    California pet store law

    Love this! (CNN)California pet stores soon will be allowed to sell dogs, cats and rabbits only if they come from shelters or non-profit rescue organizations. Under legislation going into effect on January 1, store...
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    #15 Wisconsin at Western Kentucky

    Hilltoppers up 3 on CBS Sports Network, it's been back and forth the whole second half. They mentioned how the game came about, WKU got them (and Arkansas) to agree to a home and home bball series in exchange for a road game in football. Hadn't heard of that before.