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    IPAs: 34 of the top hottest.

    I should say have been in limited quantities.
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    IPAs: 34 of the top hottest.

    I shouldn’t say this but WeldWerks and Equilibrium amongst others are finally coming to central Iowa.
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    Hunter Deyo commits

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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Weird that the BIGXII has 60% of their defensive coordinators in the top 50 and 3 in the top 10 for a conference that plays no defensive.
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    Iowa Beers Release/Distribution Thread

    As a person living near Roosevelt HS I’m glad they aren’t..
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #8 West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    Amazing how cleanly WV is playing.
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    NFL: NFL Survivor Game Week 2

    Week 1: Buffalo Week 2: Saints
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    wifi router/extender questions and help

    Anyone have insight or use the eero mesh system? It has good reviews and is quite a bit cheaper than the google nest.
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    NFL: NFL Survivor Game Week 1

    Week 1: Buffalo
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    Derecho Claims and Information

    We had a portion of a tree fall on the house putting a hole through the upper level. The portion of the tree that fell was still connected to the trunk which they had to saw off prior to removing with a crane. I know most insurance companies only cover damage to the home but there is not much...
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    Passionate Plea To Diehard Cyclone Fanatics

    In the grand scheme of things I don’t post much but I have been on this site almost daily for the past 11 and a half years. Unless things go south, I’ll continue to contribute and help to continue and enjoy this content from an amazing group of people and writers.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    I must live in a bubble, never heard of this show or realized it existed in this market.
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    Yikes, this is why I shouldn’t post anything after 12:00, sorry for the double post.
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    That’s a great ******* bridge. That’s got to be one spectacular ******* bridge.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE VS TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    Maybe my only time being first?
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    Casey's pizza box tabs

    I too thought the closet behind the register was dead, drove through Marshall MO last year and they weirdly had a backroom bathroom at the "in town" Casey's (bypass had a new build), did in fact use it.
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    Bohannon "Lames" Tweet

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    Bohannon "Lames" Tweet