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    KU Band helps out Drake

    Actually not too uncommon. ISU pep band has gotten to play for other smaller colleges on occasion.
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    Denver box office is open

    I tried the purchase tickets over the phone, it called altitude tickets, who told me they are not handling NCAA tourney ticket sales, and to refer to the NCAA and their ticket vendor. I tried calling the pepsi center box office directly who told me they are sold out. Anyone else having any luck?
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    Looking for summer engineering opportunity for high schooler

    I went through this at that age - Kirkwood Community College - Workplace Learning Connection I think its what wxman1 is referencing. I worked/shadowed/interned at Rockwell and the whole process (application, interview panel, etc) I think turned out to be quite beneficial. Maybe 50/50 on finding...
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    USA - Canada Women's Gold Medal game

    More fuel on this discussion... Bruce Charlton's Miscellany: How much stronger are men than women? (In terms of maximum muscular strength) Of course thats "average"
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    SodaStream reviews?

    My friend has one, and we're also a bunch of homebrew nerds. I think it tastes pretty good, but I'm not a huge soda connoisseur. Anyway, my friend has calculated how much syrup to make 5 gallons. Filled up a corny with it, and threw it in the kegerator. Worked wonderfully. Irish red, CDA, and...
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    Seattle trip in November

    Oh, was also going to mention that there's a free (donation) Naval Undersea Museum just north of Silverdale. It's actually quite nice if you have any interest in submarine, torpedo, or diving history. There's also an aircraft carrier museum (Puget Sound Navy Museum) - I went when I first moved...
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    Seattle trip in November

    Wow, I haven't logged in or posted forever, but I live in the Kitsap area. And there is a ton to do out here - what do you like to do? I hope you like beer because Kitsap has become quite the beer locale. I could recommend several places, and the brewery tasting rooms are always really nice...
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    What do you do for a living?

    Missile systems engineering for this guy. I work on the assembly, disassembly, and test events.
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    If Godfrey could grow another 2 or 2 inches

    I got an email that claims to provide several inches of growth. Anyone know his email? I'll forward it on to him.
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    Screenname Motivation

    I played EverQuest back in the day as a Ranger. High level characters got subtitles, and a level 60 Ranger was known as a Warder. <-- nerd
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    Death to Cyclone Alley!

    If you insist... The bball pep bands have a gig book of 100 or so songs. The reason the selection is so limited? Because marching band is practicing every day, there isn't time for a pep band rehearsal. So they put together a song or two and survive until spring when they can rehearse...
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    The Dark Knight Rises: More Casting News

    Emma Watson
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    Toughest class on campus...

    435 was crazy, 3 hr lecture, 3 hr lab... plus Geiger's labs took about 6 extra hours to finish, at the time. And he was apparently cutting back starting with us. Maybe its decent nowadays. Then his HW was around a 6 hr ordeal weekly... Man, I was crazy to do an independent study with him. And...
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    Toughest class on campus...

    EE 435, Analog VLSI.
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    Seneca Wallace

    CF meltdowns kinda remind me of this duet. NPH singing extremely pessimistic, Felicia Day singing extremely optimistic. YouTube - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - My Eyes \BEST QUALITY/
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    Alert: Please report ANY site issues here

    No, I got hit with firefox and opera. I use chrome now and haven't had an issue. But that's probably only a matter of time.
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    Feedback: Main board "issue"

    I have not opted to see the cave, and I'm still seeing them. I checked my CP, and found the setting... somehow it got set so that I was in the group. Apparently I opted in without my knowledge or consent.
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    Iowa State Chrome Theme

    I like it! Thanks! I remember someone made one for Firefox a couple years back. Anyone still have that one? We get firefox at work, so I want to grab it :cool:
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    Mortgage Rates are cheap!

    I just bought my first home. I'm out in Washington so its a bit different market. But I went through and got prequalified on FHA (even though I ended up conventional 20% down). Out here, on a first-time buyer (although with pretty excellent credit) FHA was going to be 4.8% Conventional I got...
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    Nebraska, really lightened up schedule!!

    I think I'm going to go to the U dub vs Nebbie game. Being knew to the region, what better chance to see a new stadium than to watch the traitors fall? Haven't decided what section to sit in though. Going to go with the ISU gear for sure though. (on that note, if anyone's ever been to UW, got...