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  1. StClone

    IPAs: 34 of the top hottest.

    King Sue from Toppling Goliath is one of the three which I've tried on this list.
  2. StClone

    Miami Surfside Collapse Simulation

    I have looked for this for a while and this seems to be of better quality (more accurate?) simulation than early versions. Far from certain, it has elements so far determined and supported by engineering forensics up to now. Better modeling will happen as tests, and more, give further insights.
  3. StClone

    Son did you ever wear a Kilt?

    Couple of times a month I see kilt clad guys at the store. Never had the courage to ask how they came to select the garment as day wear. (Romantic nights maybe). One guy also opts for krocks to round out the look. Anyone here ever wear a kilt?
  4. StClone

    Can you add one word to a Band Name and ruin it?

    Carpenter Ants Volkswagen Beatles Tool Shed Abba Caddabra
  5. StClone

    Volleyball Gets League-Best 12 on Academic All-Big 12

    Proving, Iowa State Academic support for athletes is well-developed and effective. We also recruit exceptional student-athletes. Often, "strong classroom results" translates positively into team achievements. Hope that is the case as we need a little shot in the arm for our '21-'22 volleyball...
  6. StClone

    S-2 "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" History Channel

    New adventures of the boys bumbling along in a quasi-Scientific investigation of the so-called "most mysterious place on Earth," will air sometime Spring 2021. Finding the show entertaining at times, plodding, and almost campy at others, I look forward with a sense of hunger. AS! There are some...
  7. StClone

    Blizzard for Plains

    Iowa should miss this:
  8. StClone

    Girl's HS BB Recruit Tourney Watch

    Post any links to recruits we are onto as to games, times, stats, videos, or other items of interest. If you want to watch Lexi Donarski's sister Macy play in the D3 State Championship for Aquinas it is on at 8:00 tonight here: Here a little bit on Macy...
  9. StClone

    Dead Heads Still Living Consider Yourself Lucky

    For decades, an alarming number of cold-case disappearances and killings have shared one common link: the victims were Deadheads. The new podcast “Dead and Gone” investigates. In 1995, a man’s body was found on the side of a highway by a Grateful Dead concert in Atlanta. His identity is still...
  10. StClone

    "Piling On" called during Iowa State Game?

    Is "Piling On" as Personal Foul still called? Last Time I heard "Piling On" seems like an NFL game back in the '70's. Because, it seems like something out of the Gipper Age. So do you think it has been called in an Iowa State Game? In recent history? YES! It was the start of something big!
  11. StClone

    Doggie Diversions

    I needed a little fun in my day and got this sent to me.
  12. StClone

    Stealth Technology Failing

    Old cat-and-mouse game where we have to keep moving the goal posts with Science converted to usable technology in military race: If you recall a really odd, if not incompetent...
  13. StClone

    Monte vs Niang On Now

    Niang just hit a three for Utah and Monte for Denver is in too on TNT. Hard to be indoors watching but it's a real got to.
  14. StClone

    Gone Missing Gets Weird

    Nicholas Hietpas and his dog, from nearby Appleton WI, have been missing for over a year. Being early spring when he went to Northern Wisconsin's Nicolet National Forest in 2019, I suspect his dog broke through ice and he went to save it. Unfortunately I surmise, both were lost underwater...
  15. StClone

    Predicted Heat Wave

    A persistent mound of heated air is predicted to envelope a large portion of the U.S. by July 18 with Iowa near the center of it:
  16. StClone

    History of Fast Food, Growth Video

    Fascinating moving video graph starting in the 1920's sliding into today. Take a guess which franchise is number one today?
  17. StClone

    Post the Album Cover(s) which had the most Influence...

    ...On your early musical tastes. No comment, no explanation just the cover please:
  18. StClone

    How do you terminate a T2 Subscription?

    I go to "ACCOUNT UPGRADES" on my account page and hit "cancel" and it has continued withdrawing from my card via PayPal for months. I go to "subscription" and it sends me to PayPal and it tells me to contact CF. I send an email to CF and no response. Is there another email or phone number to...
  19. StClone

    Maybe you should have responded to those Nigerian emails

    They were trying for years to give it away but no one responded.
  20. StClone

    New restaurant planned for Olde Main

    Don't see this mentioned in another post, so merge if needed. Ames Tribune: If they need ideas try getting the first Iowa franchise of Monk's. It's a long-time Wisconsin favorite bar and grill (Sports Bar--with...