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  1. CycloneErik

    Tough Truths

    I don't want to sugarcoat this, everyone, even though I know it's tough to hear. I don't think we're gonna make the tournament this year.
  2. CycloneErik

    WandaVision----Spoilers Ahead. You've been Warned. Don't click if you don't want spoilers

    WARNING: This is all about discussion with spoilers. If that's your thing, here it is. If you don't want spoilers, turn away now. There won't be any in this first post, just in case of an accidental click or whatever. In case anyone wants to fire away in an all-spoiler zone, here it is. Fire away.
  3. CycloneErik

    Unfair Matchup

    You really can't blame the team for this one. There's an opponent. That just makes it an unfair matchup.
  4. CycloneErik

    Foster Out for the Year

    Surgery on the foot injury puts him out for the year. I hope he heals well. Serious respect for Prohm for handling this well instead of endangering the young man. I don't say that because I think he would try to hurt the kid, but because we all remember the Wesley Johnson days...
  5. CycloneErik

    Home Court Options

    Well, Prohm has eliminated the Magic over the last few years. Maybe we try some cost-cutting measures to save up for the needed buyout. It worked to toughen up the guys in Major League. That's gotta be better than Prohm's plan.
  6. CycloneErik

    Who Does Campbell Beat?

    We were mentioning in our Championship thread how we used to just hope for the light schedule to get some wins. So, I was curious with moments on my hands, and a Google search that didn't tell me much, and I wondered who Campbell gets his wins against. We kinda knew this, but the answer is...
  7. CycloneErik

    We Are the Champions!

    Congrats to the 2020 Big 12 Champion Iowa State Cyclones! Almost undefeated, totally undisputed, we are the champions.
  8. CycloneErik

    We Are Iowa State

    It means something new now. Enjoy this new world. Feel free to add words to the classic phrase as needed,
  9. CycloneErik

    What is the worst thing about each moderator?

    In the spirit of constructive or destructive criticism, what is the worst thing about each moderator? Air it out! Discuss, or, if you will, Disqus.
  10. CycloneErik

    Cleveland Sports Memories

    What are your favorite memories of "professional" sports in Cleveland? This is an oldie but goodie:
  11. CycloneErik

    Prohm Time Updates

    4:50 PM, Central time, 3/9/2020. He's still bad at the coaching.
  12. CycloneErik

    Halftime Adjustment

    You know what I'm talking about. Shock the world. Set Prohm free.
  13. CycloneErik

    Halftime Hot Takes

    Just something new, for fun. My halftime adjustments: 1. Tape Nixon's hands together. Can't shoot like that. 2. A nap for Prohm.
  14. CycloneErik

    A Beilein to Success!

    A third approach here, with two angles. Let's assume that John Beilein is fired by the Cavs, giving us the chance to offer him redemption Norman Dale style, one last ride to glory. We can ask him to buy out Prohm with his NBA buyout, but that probably won't fly. So, because someone brought it...
  15. CycloneErik

    Backing Up the Trucks

    I offer today option #2: We reallocate that $10 for the pedestrian bridge, donate that to Oregon for the express purpose of buying out Altman, who then buys out McDermott's deal at Creighton, and brings the big dude back to Ames. As fans, we struggle with the idea of coaches we haven't seen...
  16. CycloneErik

    It's Possible......

    So, there is a possibility here. We take the $10 million for the ped walkway, fire Prohm, pay half of Hoiberg's buyout, then Fred kicks in some cash from his own Bulls buyout, and we get it all rolling again. Shouldn't be too hard.
  17. CycloneErik

    Unfair Advantage

    We need to file a protest with the Big 12, the NCAA, the Congress, the United Nations, and Starfleet. Since we are awful at pregame preparation, other teams have an unfair advantage against us. We need to have this ridiculous practice banned by all levels.
  18. CycloneErik

    I'm Curious About Fan Interest in surly Threads

    As we reflect this holiday season, I'm wondering if the increased exposure to threads from @surly has made you more or less interested in the topics and threads.
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    Thread is here.
  20. CycloneErik

    Assuming Football is Cancelled

    Which play would you keep around as the memory of Cyclone football?