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  1. Al_4_State

    RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top

    This is one of the most bad ass rock and roll songs of all time.
  2. Al_4_State

    Be ESPN/Fox - Who Deserves a Seat? Who should be cut?

    More is better for a sport that was built on hyper-regional rivalries.
  3. Al_4_State

    RAGBRAI Organizers Split from Register

    Right. I've ridden quite a few days of RAGBRAI over the years and I've never thought of the Register for a second.
  4. Al_4_State

    RAGBRAI Organizers Split from Register

    Seems pretty normal from what I can tell. People forgot about the Register controversy sometime in March of '20 I'd guess.
  5. Al_4_State

    RAGBRAI Organizers Split from Register

    That misses the point entirely.
  6. Al_4_State

    Big 12 vs. Pac 12

    You're really making the case why it makes sense for the Pac 12 to hook up with remaining Big 12 schools. And if you look at the entirety of the Pac 12 commish's statements, not just the "we're fine as it is" snippets, you'll see that he's hardly hiding his intentions of bringing in more...
  7. Al_4_State

    Screw Oklahoma! Screw Texas!

    I guess I look at like your spouse cheating on you. If someone is intentionally concealing their behavior from you and giving you every indication that things are fine, are you supposed to be putting GPS trackers on their car? I'm not really pro Bowlsby, I just see this as something that...
  8. Al_4_State

    Screw Oklahoma! Screw Texas!

    What was he supposed to do? Texas and OU were going to do this regardless of whether or not the Big 12 expanded with G5 schools, or if we gave them more of our money. They think they're above playing non-blue blood schools.
  9. Al_4_State

    Can the Big 12 remain viable

    Yeah, I think so too. If we can keep the quality of coaches we have, the recruiting won't really fall off. We spent a lot of our life in the Big 12 recruiting against current AAC schools, or at least at that level. Even with the bookoo bucks the SEC (and to a lesser extent) and Big 10 might...
  10. Al_4_State

    Can the Big 12 remain viable

    A reconstituted Big 12 (remaining 8 + best AAC schools) would likely get an undefeated champ into the playoffs. It will get lesser TV slots (although probably every game will be televised) and less money. My guess is that if something like that happens, ISU would cut a bunch of sports in order...
  11. Al_4_State

    Rumor has it...three Big 12 teams were unwilling to commit to ...

    The only thing any of those WVU realignment guys ever got right was WVU going to the Big 12.
  12. Al_4_State

    PODCAST: Perspective on this morning's news, where things might be heading

    I signed up for premium this AM. It seems very well worth it thus far.
  13. Al_4_State

    tOSU/Mich/Clemson/FSU to SEC?

    Its not leaving the B1G for the SEC. It’s the absolute biggest names in college sports starting a whole new division. And it makes sense. Why pretend that Northwestern and Ohio State are the same thing?
  14. Al_4_State

    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    That wouldn't be awful. It's a step down, but it's light years ahead of the current AAC.
  15. Al_4_State

    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    We're doing the same thing, I would imagine.
  16. Al_4_State

    Big 12 Plans Going Forward

    A reconstituted Big 12 will be a long ways ahead of any existing G5 in payments. As long as we have enough money to have solid facilities and pay a good coach, we can be alright. Might have to scuttle things like the entertainment district and not make any upgrades to Jack Trice for awhile...
  17. Al_4_State

    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    If we get stuck in a reconfigured "Big 12" I would imagine we'll drop all Men's sports besides football and basketball and keep the requisite number of women's sports for Title IX. That's the one way we could afford to keep our current football staff around, which would make me stay invested...
  18. Al_4_State

    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    The thing is, with Texas, OU, Bama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia in one league, the Big 10 can't do ANYTHING to catch up in terms of compiling blue bloods. Even adding Notre Dame won't match that.
  19. Al_4_State

    COLUMN: What happens to Iowa State if the Big 12 implodes?

    Yeah, if we go down to like $10,000,000 per year in revenue, ISU sports as we know it is over. And really, the whole university and city of Ames will decline as a result.