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  1. Al_4_State

    Vance & Hummel Appreciation Thread

    I think with Mike Rose playing at another damn level, it's really easy to overlook how good both of these guys have been this year. A couple of Iowa boys who are almost always in the right spot, making the important "routine" plays on a regular basis. There aren't a lot of highlight reel type...
  2. Al_4_State

    Louisiana Kick Time?

    Didn't see a thread for it. Wouldn't this usually be the day that kick times are announced?
  3. Al_4_State

    2019 Albums of the Year

    My 2019 Albums of the Year. Always love this thread. Have at it, folks. 10. Whiskey Myers S/T. A huge step forward for these guys. Previously I had thought of them as a fun, but fairly shallow Southern rock revivalist group. The songwriting hits greater depths here, especially the stellar...
  4. Al_4_State

    Albums of the Decade

    A place to list your top albums for 2010-2019. I kept track of my annual Top 10 for every year, and compiled a Top 50 from that. 1. Turnpike Troubadours "A Long Way From Your Heart" (2017) 2. The Yawpers "American Man" (2015) 3. Lydia Loveless "Boy Crazy" (2013) 4. Tyler Childers "Purgatory"...
  5. Al_4_State

    Assuming Tomorrow’s Game is Cancelled

    What FBS teams have byes on 11/2? I assume we’ll look to replace the second bye week. The second bye is awfully valuable now that we can set our watches to losing a September game every year.
  6. Al_4_State

    FS: 2 For Baylor

    Section 235, rows 7 & 8. These seats are very close to each other, but in separate rows. $25 each. Willing to sell them as a pair or individually. PM if interested.
  7. Al_4_State

    WTB: 2 For Baylor

    PM if you have extras.
  8. Al_4_State

    Can we talk about blown leads?

    During the first half of the Rhoads era, this program won quite a few close games including the 2 OT thrillers in 2011. Since the end of the 2012 season, we've surrendered second half leads, or blew opportunities to win late in at least the following: '13: UNI, Texas, TCU, Tech '14: Texas...
  9. Al_4_State

    2014 Albums of the Year

    I'm going to attempt to rank these. 1. Old 97's "Most Messed Up". This is a nearly perfect rock and roll record from top to bottom. Numerous odes to sex, drugs, and rock and roll/life on the road. Suggested tracks: Longer Than You've Been Alive Let's Get Drunk & Get it On 2. Lydia...
  10. Al_4_State

    FS: 2 OU tickets and parking pass

    Seats in Section G and G7 parking pass. $100 total. Will overnight.
  11. Al_4_State

    PhotoSynthesis in Ames

    My wife and I were at the Toppling Goliath tap room last week, when a guy noticed my ISU hat and struck up a conversation. Turns out, he and his wife own a place in downtown Ames called PhotoSynthesis that does metal screen printing of various designs. Anyhow, we struck a deal to exchange some...
  12. Al_4_State

    WTB: 2 tickets to Texas Tech

    Just seeing what's available. Nothing even close to face value on stubhub.
  13. Al_4_State

    Jack Trice 6th best stadium in Big 12

    Ranking the Big 12's College Football Stadiums | Pretty good write up. I agree with his rankings, and reasoning behind each. He's over-selling the atmosphere at Tech, IMO, but that stadium has a beautiful exterior, and during the Leach era, it was a very intimidating crowd.
  14. Al_4_State

    New Music of 2013

    We're almost exactly halfway through the year. What music that's been released this year are people digging? These are probably my favorite so far: -Queens of the Stone Age "...Like Clockwork". This is probably the best thing Josh Homme has ever put out. God. Damn. This is my album of the...
  15. Al_4_State

    RIP Philadelphia "Phil" Collins

    Richard Collins, the guy who played Philadelphia Collins on Trailer Park Boys passed away yesterday. Richard Collins, 'Trailer Park Boys' Actor, Dies I heard this weekend that they were working on a third TPB movie. Sucks that he won't be a part of it.
  16. Al_4_State

    Big 12 as Simpsons characters

    not sure where this originated, but its making the rounds. Nails it.
  17. Al_4_State

    We beat them in KC

    Mark it Dude. You can't beat a team on dumb luck and bad calls 3 times in one season. What would be even sweeter would be playing them in the NCAAs, with no Big 12 refs involved.
  18. Al_4_State

    For Sale: 2 tickets to Baylor

    Section 209. $70 for the pair. PM if interested.
  19. Al_4_State

    Albums of the Year 2012

    I realize there's still 1.5 months left, but it seems that most of the year's top albums have either been released or would have leaked by now. What new music tripped your trigger this year? -Chuck Prophet "Temple Beautiful". If Tom Petty had grown up in a big city doing a lot of blow...
  20. Al_4_State

    OU Ticket for sale

    One extra ticket for the OU game. $60. PM if interested. Not sure if there will be enough time to mail before gameday, but I'll be in G7 on Saturday AM.