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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    FYI, the duplicate threads were merged into this one
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    Covid Variant - Pack the Jack?

    No disagreements. We'll likely come to decision to not risk it, due to vulnerable members of our family, but I don't have any issue with what you said. Just that the "it's their own fault if they aren't vaxxed" rhetoric forgets about kids.
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    Covid Variant - Pack the Jack?

    It's just an excuse. If they wanted to require vax, they would do it now. I'm sick of the "but it's not approved" anti-vax lie.
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    Covid Variant - Pack the Jack?

    My 10 yo would like to go, how is it his fault he's not vaccinated yet?
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    Covid Variant - Pack the Jack?

    That's just not true, there's nothing about the EUA that makes it "difficult" to require. The state has decided to make requiring them illegal, but that has nothing to do with the EUA. Nitpicking about the type of approval doesn't do any good - the FDA has approved them, period.
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    Covid Variant - Pack the Jack?

    the vaccines are approved for usage in everyone >12 yo
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    Friday OT #1 - Back to School

    I was good at math and enjoyed it and found it easy. Until DiffEq at ISU, at which point none of it made any sense any more and I very much stopped enjoying it. My brother had the best Venn diagram you described - the first time he took the ACT he aced the math section (36) and got a 23 on...
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    Campbell era: Your 5-year expectation

    This one is amazing.
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    On That Note: Number 1’s - Album series, part 3 (2001 & 2011)

    Brushfire Fairytales - Jack Johnson (2001)
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    On That Note: Number 1’s - Album series, part 3 (2001 & 2011)

    Another 2011 album: Here We Rest by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.
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    On That Note: Number 1’s - Album series, part 3 (2001 & 2011)

    This is an awesome song off that album:
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    On That Note: Number 1’s - Album series, part 3 (2001 & 2011)

    I've got a list of favorite 2001 albums - but I'll start with this one. it's such a mind-**** that this was originally slated to be released on 9/11/01: Tall buildings shake Voices escape singing sad sad songs Tuned to chords strung down Your cheeks Bitter melodies turning Your orbit around...
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    On That Note: Number 1’s - Album series, part 3 (2001 & 2011)

    Some of my favorite songs from 2001 (some were on albums already mentioned)
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    Wednesday OT: best "voice" you've heard at a concert

    Never saw JTE in concert, but from youtube videos of him live it could be really hit or miss on his vocal quality - depending on his sobriety. The one who blew me away was when we saw Norah Jones in New Orleans in 2001, just as she was becoming famous. She was awesome.
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    Miami Building Collapse

    If there were people living in there how is it possible that they aren't all dead? goodness, that's scary!
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    Euro 2020

    The one side of the bracket is much much easier than the other. The Dutch have an easy path - Czech, Denmark then Germany/Sweden/England. The other side has Belgium, Italy, France and Spain. Italy/Belgium is a final in the quarters (if they both win the next game).
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    On That Note: When we get Married

    where my DBT boys at? Marry Me My Sweet Annette "Me and my Annette we was as fond as we could be we were set to marry in October '33"
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    Euro 2020

    That was more bad goalkeeping than a great goal. I like the first Ukraine goal yesterday better. (0:55 in this highlight package)
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    Do you know this song?

    Second episode of SNL ever had a clip of Paul Simon playing one-on-one against Harlem Globetrotter Connie Hawkins to the song. It's a classic - but apparently not on YouTube.
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    Volvo Going Electric/Online Only By 2030

    I view it as a race right now for who wins the battle for charging station money. Gas stations / convenience stores are going to get left behind if they don’t adopt quick. if I were Starbucks, I’d have quick charging stations at every store in 2-3 years. It’s perfect for coffee shops.