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    2015 MAC Coach of the Year - Matt Campbell

    Can't hurt the recruiting pitch here at ISU either. Nice!
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    A Decade with Jamie Pollard

    JP is the best thing to happen to ISU athletics. I'm glad we have him.
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    Recruit Lists v2.0

    Tyler Cook has been offer by ISU. BTW, his list is not current as other big boys are now on him. Sorry if this has been posted. Z
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    New Big 12 logo

    To add a little to the previous post, Inks and dyes and colors are metameric...they change value (Look) depending on light source. Some colors are easier match than others. Then you have an issue of reflectively and different substrate plus the lighting...logo on BB floor VS nylon jersey or...
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    Guitar Players

    Based on your price range, consider Sigma. In Des Moines Pro Music has started carrying them as well as Uptempo. Play a few until one grabs you. Anyone a base player...if so, Pro Music has a terrific selection these days.
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    Kane will play!!!!!!

    Well, since he is playing tonight with doctors assistance I would guess, maybe we should refer to him as Novo-Kane. Okay that was bad...but who is keeping track. Go State!
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    Former Cyclones react to ISU's bowling in of the south end zone

    Correct. Just a type-o. Reiman Pub is now owned by RD, not Roy and his wife. RD I believe was bought buy an investment group several years back and is running it into the ground farther than the RD management did. Reiman Pub was the only profitable unit of RD and they still managed to mess up...
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    SURPRISE: Nigel Tribune signs with Iowa State

    OMG I am sorry, I didn't mean to open old wounds in this thread because this thread should be positive about a commitment by Nigel Tribune, a young man that was able to see through the negativity. He is a bigger man than all of the key board tough guys. I'll just say that if your family or...
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    SURPRISE: Nigel Tribune signs with Iowa State

    I was just watching premium content on, because I put my money where my mouth is, and CPR is speaking directly to a bunch of you adamant "know it alls" and CPR is telling you to STFU verbally and with his body language in regards to the ungrateful FEW in our fan base. Good job out...
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    Better team - this year or last year?

    Not sure I agree with the MAC comparisons as lesser... Top25 has VCA, Butler, Creighton and probably could add San Diego State, Zag,... Z
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    Luke Wells

    LW Officially gone.
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    For those who missed the K-state game...

    Me too. The Ducks are my other team that I have followed for a long time. However, it is nice to have a fav team that is so fun to watch and wins when they should. After the ISU bowel loss and the sh**y way we lost, I needed that win....wish more points were scored though.:cool: Here is to...
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    ***Official ISU vs UMKC Game Day Thread***

    Tyrus another 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ***Official ISU vs UMKC Game Day Thread***

    .. That was a terrible call, although the refs are much better than last game. On a positive note, Tyrus is hitting the 3's tonight. I love how he gets off the floor so quick... Also, we are passing much better in the 2nd half. Z