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    WTB: 3-4 Tickets FB vs. UNI

    My BIL also has 4 in SEZ Club that he would sell 3. He said $250 each for those.
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    UNLV tickets

    My sister got some thru UNLV and they were only like $120 a ticket. Just an option.
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    WTB: RV parking pass

    I'm looking for an RV parking pass for the Iowa game for sure but potentially the whole season. I currently am in D2, so a pass in that lot would be ideal but is not necessary.
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    WTB: C2 Parking Pass...G7 can be traded

    He will also buy the C2 pass outright.
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    WTB: C2 Parking Pass...G7 can be traded

    I am helping a friend find a C2 parking pass. He got a G7 parking pass and will work out a deal with someone. Message me if you are interested.
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    Question for those that have an RV Pass

    I was wondering if someone wanted to pull in my enclosed trailer. I spoke with the Cyclone Club and anything under 45ft is allowed. Unless it is a 5th wheel trailer, then it just counts the trailer. I asked specifically about a short bus/short RV pulling in a enclosed and they said that was...
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    Big 12 Championship (March 6-7)

    So what are our team race chances?
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    Big 12 Championship (March 6-7)

    I haven't watched Degen much, but he seems laxed.
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    Question for those that have an RV Pass

    Does anyone have a short bus or shorter RV that they are taking into the RV lots? If so, please shoot me a private message as I have a question for you.
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    Vegas Trip

    I went to Vegas this past December and it has changed greatly. Hopefully by September it will be better. Friday and Saturday night most of the bigger hotels on the strip have you go thru metal detectors or wanded you before entering. Everybody that was staying in the room had to get their own...
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    Vet Med RV Parking Questions

    Also, from what I have heard the Haunted Forest lot turns into a swamp if we get any type of rain.
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    Vet Med RV Parking Questions

    IMO the Haunted Forest is ungodly expensive. I think it is like $150 per game or $750+ for a year pass. I guess that is cheaper than the D lots, but to be on grass that seems expensive. Regarding Vet Med, my crew has parked up there for 5+ years and it is a great time. HOWEVER, if the grass...
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    Troubleshooting issues with the CF Podcast feed in Overcast

    I have Castbox. It hasn't downloaded anything since Dec. 19. Any thoughts @ChrisMWilliams ??
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    Have to Give Props to Tom Manning!

    I have been one of the biggest nay sayers on Tom Manning, but I am here to say the guy has done wonders with play calling down the stretch of the season. I was extremely frustrated after the Louisiana game, but he has progressed really well. Give that guy a game ball! Thanks for making me eat...
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    Bowl Game

    My biggest thing with this, is that all I had heard from the players when the season was going to get canceled was that they felt more safe from Covid being with their teammates and coaches. Also, these players do get to see their families in one way or another. There was a pic of Purdy hugging...