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  • Will take the tickets and pass if still available. We live in Urbandale where would be the best place to meet?
    I'd be interested in the RV pass. I'm in the OP's group. Trying to assess our options for this year. Would our group be interested in a car pass swap?
    I'd take 100.00 for the set of 3. They're normally 65.00 a piece face value. Whatever you think is fair?
    I'm interested in camping for at least one game. What type of camper is it and what were you going to charge.
    Saw your post about your camper. Would be interested. PM me when u get the chance
    My dad has a place in Colo that you would be able to store it outside and possibly inside if you are interested. I know it's a out of the way from Ankeny but would also be out of your driveway.
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