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    *** Official Iowa Vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    are you already hitting the riot punch
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    Seton Hall replay tonight 10:00

    B12 website usually posts full and condensed replays a day or two after the games too. I've been doing that when I haven't been able to watch
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    Friday OT #1 - Disposable Darling

    Also everyone hating on mashed potatoes clearly has never had them prepared properly.
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    Friday OT #1 - Disposable Darling

    Don't waste time with that nasty ass texture of pumpkin pie. Apple desserts, all day.
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    OT: Gender Reveal Explosion Kills Local Woman

    All of this to celebrate the identification of an unborn child's genitals.
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    Friday OT #1 - I'm Head of the Class, I'm Popular

    Marvel movies suck
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    Role players were huge today

    Got u fam
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    Do not drink list

    Just drink PBR and Hamm's for light beer. Problem solved.
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    Time to cut out our Busch Light love affair

    If you care and have the means, why not donate the money straight to the hospital? A-B was looking for an out. They don't want to spend any more money on a publicity stunt that's run its course. Simple as that. I am zero percent surprised this is happening.
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    Essential oils

    They smell good and that's pretty much it. We buy ours local to avoid the MLM crap. Eucalyptus oil worked great for clearing out my sinuses last winter when I had a cold but I still felt like garbage, albeit with a less runny nose.
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    Should ISU build a water tower by JTS? If so, should they put an ISU logo on it?

    JTS is already a wind tunnel. Don't you know windmills make MORE wind?!?!?!
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    Iowa will beat us because....

    IT TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO BRING UP THE IMPORTANCE OF THE UNIFORM COMBO This is crucial. We must discuss sock colors and visors. Clearly we are letting the team down. Time to step it up.
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    Should ISU build a water tower by JTS? If so, should they put an ISU logo on it?

    Just paint the whole thing black, no logo.