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    MetroNet Ames

    We are using their equipment. I have been happy with it so far. We were on Centurylink before and the difference in speeds has been night and day. The equipment is Eero brand.
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    *** Official #10 Oklahoma vs #6 IOWA STATE Big 12 Conference Championship Game(Day) Thread ***

    It looked to me like Oklahoma had 5 guys in the backfield on that last TD.
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    Friday OT #1 - Two Guys Walk Into a Bar. The Third One Ducks.

    I do this with my kids and get pretty much the same response.
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    Vehicle Fuel Range

    I was going to say this. Our minivan just says low fuel once it gets below 10 miles. I assume it's basically a COA deal on their part. That being said, I don't usually let it get below 1/4 tank.
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    Favorite Podcasts?

    Stuff You Should Know is one of my favorites. For anyone who was a fan of "The Office", I would recommend Office Ladies.
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    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    I'm in the same situation.
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    Credit Card Mastery / Cash Back Systems

    I used your link to apply for the Blue Cash card, so you should be getting a credit. If anyone else is interested in the Blue Cash card, my referral link is: LINK I've been thinking about getting a different card for rewards, and this thread helped decide which one to get. Thanks all for the...
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    ISU vs Lipscomb

    The last home match there were a few players practicing hitting during at least some of the time outs. This year is the first time I noticed it. I didn't track who was practicing, but it seemed liked players that don't normally get much playing time.
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    I-35 / US 30 Flyover Progress

    There is supposed to be one lane open in two weeks for the Iowa game. But don't count on it being open this weekend.
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    I thought it was muskmelon and had a k.
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    OT - Cutting Cable

    My wife found a post on Facebook that talked about it. It sounds like the connection to the transmitter is the problem. I guess they were doing some maintenance on the tower but I'm not sure if that was before the problems or because of them. As of last night there wasn't an ETA on the repairs...
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    OT - Cutting Cable

    I was just coming here to ask this. What happened to their tower?
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    Random Thoughts the 13th: Jason Takes RTT

    His actual birthday isn't until the 22nd. I only remember this because it is also one of my brother's birthdays.
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    6969 Days Since the Millennium.

    I thought the millennium started in 2001?
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    WBB - Texas @ ISU

    What was the technical foul on Texas for? I missed what the announcer said.