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  • Did you go to a game, or just pass through? Those pics totally display the epically terrible conditions for tailgating. There were seriously more ISU fans tailgating than Baylor fans at one point.
    hey shortbus... do you think your sqwaks are winning this weekend.. and would you take the 10 pt spread???
    Well I guess you must not have seen how bad he through the ball, cause it wasnt pretty, but they do play in the B10 oh wait............ Im a huge Illini fan to, damn i wish the B10 was better. and stanzi still sucks
    Same **** different day brother, Just hating the hawks you gonna be at the tailgate
    Hey you turd burgler do all you do is lurk..... post more so I have someone to yell at :wink: it seems a daily thing lately that I get reported so I might as well get reported over a hawk posting :wink:
    Whats up, Do you not post anymore or is the health of your pug your main concern???
    BTW your name change kinda blows :smile:
    impossible for you to be more loveable, by the was did your pug die from weight issues yet HAHAHA love that pic
    It's nice to have a fan of any opposing team make logical arguments like you do. I try to do the same. Thanks
    Hey bring back your avatar of the fat dog or cat, but i think it was a pug i dunno it was comical
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