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    Matt Campbell - The Athletic Article ($$) - Discussing setting up success for the future

    Not only that, he's already working on the reload stage of the program rather than boom/bust seasons. Maybe future down years are closer to .500 rather than couple 2-3 win seasons between good years.
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    Matt Campbell - The Athletic Article ($$) - Discussing setting up success for the future

    Agreed. Glad we aren't stuck waiting on Dochterman for coverage.
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    Which Liberty Mutual commercial do you hate the most

    I don't hate, but she is annoying. I will say that one commercial where she said "only winners get sprinkles" was pretty damn funny.
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    Ranking B12 coaching hires since '96

    A KU/BU lovefest at the bottom of that list.
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    Thunderstorm Memories

    I have some friends who live in Parkersburg and rode out the storm in the basement. His wife, their 2 kids and he hid in the corner of the basement. He took pictures afterward and debris has piled up all around them and the front tires of their cars in the garage were hanging over them...
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    ***Minnesota Twins 2021 Thread***

    My question are they purposely shopping in the scratch and dent aisle (Happ/Shoemaker, woof) or are they financially restricted to those acquisitions?
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    ISU Football History in One Chart

    Rhoads ceiling was DC. He doesn't understand offense and meddled too much in it as head coach, in addition to not hiring good assistants. If he had come to ISU as a DC under a decent HC, I think he would have thrived.
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    Friday OT #3 - WTF?

    Back in the 80s, our family had season tickets right in front of these 3 old guys, probably 60-70s. They would get hammered every game which to a 12-13yo me was hilarious. One game later in the season, they upped the ante and snuck at least 2 bottles of peppermint schnapps and a bottle of...
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    RB Eli Sanders, how good can he be?

    Unless Breece runs for 1800 yards and a couple dozen TDs, ISU's next 1st rounder will be a lineman. The NFL has figured out they can get good running backs later in the draft, so unless a player is head and shoulders above the rest, it's less likely they get picked early.
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    Anyone Here Successfully Quit Drinking Soda?

    I wish I could drink tea, but tea (other than hibiscus for some reason), tastes like I'm drinking leaves from my yard.
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    Anyone Here Successfully Quit Drinking Soda?

    3 for $20??? Damn, eating healthy sucks. Thanks for the tip though.
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    Anyone Here Successfully Quit Drinking Soda?

    My thing is the carbonation. I crave the carbonation and I haven't found a carb'd water that equals it yet. I limit myself to Sprite so I'm not caffeine crashing, but I know the sugar content is nuts.
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    Wednesday OT: best "voice" you've heard at a concert

    I took my wife to see Harry Connick at CY, years ago. He was pretty spot on and has amazing range.
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    Noble Thomas Commits

    Kind of like any non-Floridian visiting Florida.
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    ESPN FPI and SOS by Conference

    Even given my skepticism of the FPI, the absurdity of those numbers is just amazing.