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    A 20 Team Conference Might Work

    I was thinking thru that really off the rumor about tOSU/Mich/Clemson/FSU thinking that 20 would be too many teams, but I think it could work if they moved to a 9 game schedule. Play everyone within your pod once and then play another pod rotating thru the pods so you could play everyone at...
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    tOSU/Mich/Clemson/FSU to SEC?

    Seems a very unlikely rumor and a total troll move, but who knows...
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    Where Will ISU End Up if the Big 12 Implodes?

    I have not had time to read thru this entire thread, but could someone explain to me the case for the B1G wanting ISU? That seems like best case for ISU if TX/OU leave, but I don't see how this makes any kind of sense for the B1G. I know ISU is AAU, has good athletics, etc., but it seems like...
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    Most Annoying School: Texas or Nebby or ?

    I'm mostly thinking realignment here and the drama-rama created.
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    Grant of Rights by P5 Conferences

    I think that is right. I think the GOR for the ACC (including ND) is also important, but bottom line is that the PAC-12 and Big 12 likely face the most potential instability due to their expiring GORs coming soon.
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    Grant of Rights by P5 Conferences

    I didn't want this to get buried in the TX/OU thread. Thought it was relevant. ACC (2016 article) Power 5 (2017 article) Semi-related - 2019 conference payouts
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    Will you buy a player t-shirt?

    Sounds like @ChrisMWilliams said on the podcast today that more t-shirts from players were coming. FYI to CW & ISU football players, we're planning on buying a ton of new shirts for the football season the week of August 2-6 so please try to get them done by then. Thought I'd also post a poll...
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    Painter of Tall Houses (Ames)?

    Any recommendations for a painter in Ames market for tall houses? A few places I've asked say their liability won't cover my house which is 3 floors high (25 feet or so).
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    Outdoor play sets for kids

    Anyone have experience with buying a playset recently? Seems like the higher lumber prices have made this a bit more expensive. Anyone have any experience with these folks? Or any other Iowa/Midwest companies?
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    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    Might get a t-shirt out of this deal to fund a new flute for Steele. Steele the flute player wasn't on my 2021 bingo card.
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    work-from-home boom will lift productivity in the U.S. economy by 5%

    I read a book a while back called "Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It." Some Best Buy HR folks basically did a pilot project where employees could work anywhere they wanted as long as they got results. Seems like they were a few years ahead of this trend.
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    PODCAST: CW & TJ Otzelberger

    Great podcast. Makes me feel a lot better about the hire.
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    Bugs in Storage Unit Boxes?

    We're moving soon and looking to rent a storage unit. My wife read one post on a message board that said you're basically guaranteed to get bugs in your boxes unless you tape the crap out of the box. Any truth to this? Anything to look for when renting a storage unit? TIA
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    David Montgomery live on YouTube

    I enjoyed the CMC interview from the week before as well. Good stuff.
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    Mt. Flushmore of ISU Athletics

    Now we're getting somewhere. I do wonder though if we could do Mt Flushmore by different positions. Prez: Leath since he was responsible for Prohm? Feel like JP was the guy who got CMC. AD: BVD - not close. Football: Barney Cotton or Mess though sounds like Duncan or Criner might be better...