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    Marty Tirrell arrested on fraud charges

    If he told me they'd be doing a 90 minute story on him during 60 minutes I'd probably fall for it.
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    MAILBAG: Social Distancing Edition - Submit questions now!

    Is Bret Oberg the best least-talked about QB in ISU history? His teams were dynamic on offense but had some of the most miserable defenses of all-time.
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    Best Web Browser

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    Hinterland 2020 SPECULATION THREAD

    I could always use a little 311
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    Ear wax

    Dude, just use a Q-Tip
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    New Uniforms Revealed

    My humble opinion, I hope we stick with our school colors (or at least a variance of them). Although I enjoy the black uniforms for a game or two during the season, this is not the time. Of the ways discussed in the last few pages, I'd go with W/C/C for the win against the Irish.
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    ESPN ranks Top 150 Games of all-time

    I think people confuse "great finish" with "great game". I'm not sure if it made the list but the Michigan St/Iowa Big 10 championship game was one of the worst, most boring, awful football games I've ever watched. The last drive of the game was fantastic. That drive didn't make up for the 79...
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    New Uniforms Revealed

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    On That Note: Word

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    Friday OT #2 - Halloween Music

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    Walking Dead

    Mother of God that was an awful episode. Boring and pointless.
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    El Camino

    Damn, me either.
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    El Camino

    I think Todd got a little pudgy since Breaking Bad finished.
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    Walking Dead

    I'm going through the motions right now. I feel like I have to watch instead of excited to watch. Ugh. One thing that annoys me is every conversation...every single done with an urgent tone. Seriously, listen to Michonne, her dialog is always whispering and in a panic. It was...
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    I have two major issues with ESPN+ right now. 1. Streaming, even with the quickest and fastest internet connection, is usually waaaaay behind the cable/satellite feed. I can't stand getting text messages from friends about a big play when I'm 30 seconds behind them. 2. I have a two year old...