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    The worst part for the fans that are there, is that they probably cut beer sales off in the 7th inning. Imagine a 12 inning game with no beer.
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    "The Sports Fanatics" about to debut on 1460 KXnO --- today's lineup

    This show better be awesome, or I am requesting a REFUND!
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    Jethro's wants to open in Ames

    Yes, love the jalapeno corn.
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    Players dancing on sidelines

    My son and I were more entertained by the dancing than what we saw on the field.
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    Memphis loses to DII school

    I remember losing to a video game one year,.... EA Sports
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    Voices from the stands: Iowa Game

    That is because you are usually to drunk to see straight.:twitcy: ha ha , just kidding wes. How you doing?
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    This could suck

    Come on man, Think of the Children.
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    Inside Baylor's new stadium, McLane ...

    Bunch of haters today. I think it looks good. Now when they do not fill it, then we can hate on them.
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    The Old Happy Joes Location

    Or more Apartments
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    The Old Happy Joes Location

    Another Auto Parts Store
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    Harley Davidson Livewire

    Wish I could, but I will be at Cub Scout camp all weekend. It is a great cause to support.
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    Harley Davidson Livewire

    That problem has been solved. It has been determined that the Nut that connects the Handle Bars to the Seat is usually the cause of the loud pipes, not the bike itself.
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    Harley Davidson Livewire

    I like HD being progressive and looking to the future. Too many Harley people are mad about the company making a proto-type that is electric and totally different. I out grew crotch rockets when I turned 30, but it is still pretty interesting and I would love to see it in person. I am a fan...
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    Heavy Metal Thread

    GREAT THREAD! Needed it to get that crappy Hooray song out of my head.
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    Hooray for Ames

    That was the worst. I did recognize the piano player. I am embarrassed for Ames. And I have lived here for 22 years and love this town.