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  • In the football forum, I'm pretty much always a consider poster. On the in-state rivals forum ... it's a bit more obvious that I'm a Hawkeye homer ... however, even then, I'm no flamer.
    I take it you play snare. Thats what I play on the Ankeny Drumline. So i know Taylor Webber he's on the line at isu.
    Oh, awesome!! They have awesome beats, so that would be fantastic to dance to, I would imagine!! It's funny - I actually had Gold and a Pager running through my head last night while I was trying to fall asleep??

    I really enjoy JT and the others you mentioned, too!! I used to be a drummer in high school, and I love the beats. That's one of the reasons I really like Kanye, too - he does such interesting syncopations, etc. I like all of that more than the hard stuff.
    Okay, you are awesome. You like the Cool Kids, too? Mikey DOES rock. :wink:
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