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    ***Minnesota Twins 2021 Thread***

    Berrios to the Blue Jays. Twins get the Jays #2 prospect Martin (SS/OF) and #4 prospect Richardson (RHP). Great haul for the Twins as Berrios was never going to sign a new contract in Minneapolis.
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    MLB: *** 2021 MLB Season Thread ***

    Yup, agree. Pay to win.
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    MLB: *** 2021 MLB Season Thread ***

    Hope the Padres have another big move in them before the deadline. They want Berrios and the Twins need top prospects.
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    Big 12 Send Cease and Desist to ESPN

    SVP will suck one up for the Company tonight and announce Burke's response was "the best thing he's seen today".
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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    Any questions that JP and our attorneys even think approaches the legal realm will be handled by his third party consultant/contact.
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    Which Would You Choose? (Brand Names)

    It does matter. We are way too reliant on the CCP now, the last thing we need to do is buy their cars. Plenty of other great choices.
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    ***Minnesota Twins 2021 Thread***

    Keep trading for any triple A pitcher they can get. I hope Pineda, Simmons, Donaldson, Colume, Robles, and Happ are in new uniforms next week.
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    Big 12 Send Cease and Desist to ESPN

    Whatever happened to the regional Fox channels? Who airs them?
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    ***2021 Olympics thread***

    When Biles sits out, does an alternate take her spot?
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    RIP Dusty Hill of ZZ Top

    72 is way too young. RIP, Dusty. Amazing how much sound came out of three guys. Concerts were great. First time saw them was in Omaha- 1977.
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    Which Would You Choose? (Brand Names)

    Agree. I've driven Cadillacs for the last 20 years and it's the only brand I'd buy. Audi would be my second choice.
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    In-State football recruiting, news, and gossip

    Easily the best post of this thread. Sums up all you need to know about the status of the two programs.
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    Quaron Adams Commits!!!

    Love it. CMC and staff add an electric playmaker who's going to be fun to watch.
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    Wendy Wintersteen & Jamie Pollard Address the Fans

    JP could have easily talked off the cuff for an hour on this topic. The fact that they used a teleprompter tells you all you need to know. This was legally prepared, and the first ISU shot over the bow. The real discussions are just beginning privately with the B10 and Jamie certainly isn't...
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    Rumor has it...three Big 12 teams were unwilling to commit to ...

    Haven't heard it from JP, so it's fake news at this point.