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    Thanks Austen

    Thanks Austen for the all the hard work you put into being a Big 12 quarterback. Iowa State will have many more QB's, but your determination and will to win, won't be matched for awhile. You are and always will be a great ambassador for Iowa State University.
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    Camp Report: Final scrimmage notebook

    Well played Kkise, well played.
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    CFers thought on 2005 football team

    The only reason I am posting this is because of the talk (again) of why ISU got rid of Dan M. The 2005 season is one of the best reasons why we need a new coach and direction. The 2005 defense was one of the best ISU defenses ever and we barely made it to a bowlgame. The D-line was very good...
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    OT: Nebraska just got a 5-star QB

    I believe they had a top recruit, Harrison Beck, who also might have joined the team for springball and also left the team because of the coach. If Nebraska's coach can bring in JUCO's he will especially a qb.
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    Likely Starters. Banks, Bowen, and......?

    I think with tuba up front; Bowen, Garrin and Banks in the middle and Bibbs and James Smith the safeties we would have a solid defense up the middle. Garrin is an absolute physical freak and if he can learn this defense he will impress alot of people.
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    Does anyone have a link to the picture of Tim Dobbins pulling Drew Tate down, while Dobbins is sitting on the ground? That is a classic ISU/UI rivalry picture if I have ever seen one and I would like to be able to print it out or use it as a screensaver. Thanks.
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    Will any of the JUCO's help?

    What's the chance of Garrin starting at MLB so Bibbs can be one awesome Safety?
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    Spring Game Thoughts

    Who the the defensive player on the first string later in the practice he wore number 24 didn't look overly strong but was in on almost every play.
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    Did we improve much?

    That is about as well as you can sum up these last two seasons. Well said.
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    I-35 and I-29 closed

    I am in Western Iowa and it is snowing like crazy and has been for an hour. This could be a bad one.
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    I'll say it

    I have been hard on Clark, but that rebound with just over a minute left was HUGE. Reaching back over his head, grabbing it, and then laying it in sealed the win for the Clones. Also it's nice to have guards that make some free throws at the end of the game. I think Ross played as well as I...
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    I don't get it...

    That is a good point and I will agree with it. This team also pulled off some wins that shouldn't have and that was something down the stretch last year that wasn't done. The 2nd halves of games last year with the turnovers, the missed free throws and the total lack of any basketball strategy...
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    I don't get it...

    I'm not off the bandwagon, but we have to face facts, this team is not good. Roby from Colorado was taking Clark to school and the other guys that guarded him that night( Dunson, Currie) at least played him even. Sometimes you have to let the starters see the 2nd team busting their ace. Let...
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    I don't get it...

    If anyone was at the Colorado game and saw how poorly the starters were playing against a bad Buffalo team and how the scrubs plus a couple starters salvaged the game; yesterday's debacle should have been no suprise.