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  • Your right. I am also not saying he is not a good back. Just saying I am not breaking out the Champaign for him. He had a nice run and scored the winning touchdown. His numbers on a whole are not impressive though. Hopefully that changes this week.
    I think the fact that White showed a nose for the goal line helps his case a lot here. The jury is out unless he keeps putting up 2tds/game.
    Hell yes. The others are flat out lying. Just because I hate hearing about some girl does not mean I would not hit it in a nano second.
    I don't mind, buddy. I like trash-talking at times like that. My co-workers help to inspire even more of that.:smile::smile::smile:
    It's slow right now. I think right now they will take first commit from CJ Wilcox or Rodney Williams. The others are are hopefull recruits. I beleive Kyle Klem and Harrison Barnes are the two biggest hopefulls right now. I think the staff Like CJ more than they do Rodney Williams due to grades. CJ will easily qualify. Rodney not so much.
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