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    WTB: Parking Pass for Akron game

    Looking to buy parking pass in A, B or C lots for Akron game on 9/22. Thanks.
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    A Cyclone Psalm

    So, I have a lot of down time, driving back to Ames from Omaha every weekend. And this is what I came up with tonight. My prayer for tomorrow: Paul Rhoads is my coach, I shall not worry. He makes us want to run through brick walls. He leads us into battle for the Cyclones sake. Even though we...
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    Gamewatch in Omaha?

    Great. I don't have cable. Now I will have to find a bar.....
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    Gamewatch in Omaha?

    I am working and living in Omaha during the week, and I'm concerned that the local CBS affiliate won't show our game. If that is the case, is there a Cyclone friendly bar in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area where other Cyclones will be watching?
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    Need advice on selling JO/JW posters

    HERE ARE THE SIX POSTERS THAT WERE MADE. The posters by main theme were: 1. Cooler Coaches 2. Gambler / Dealer 3. Iowa State of Mind 4. Magical Coaches 5. Student Body Sweep 6. Restock Our Stadium The only one I am missing is number 2 -- I know I had it at some point but must have got...
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    Need advice on selling JO/JW posters

    I will look at them tomorrow and list the ones I have. I thought I had them all, guess I was wrong! Thanks for your help.
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    Need advice on selling JO/JW posters

    I have all 5 of the Johnny Orr/Jim Walden Bartles and Jaymes posters and I want to sell them, but not sure where would be the best place to list them, and also what they are worth. They are framed, not professionally, but framed none the less, and are in good shape. I thought Craigslist would...
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    Coach Orr

    Robin was diagnosed with ALS in December 2009. It progressed very quickly. Besides her sisters, she had a loving caretaker by her side through this whole sad ordeal. Sammy Hill. He moved in to take care of her as soon as she was diagnosed. I know after talking with Becky (the youngest daughter)...
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    Kelly's in KC a sad place last night

    My favorite place to go when I'm in KC for the tournament or anything else is The Quaff on Broadway. Lots of room, good food, decent beer prices and AWESOME jello shots.
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    Chris Ash

    Does anybody think Skladany would come back to ISU as a d backs coach? I know he was 'released from his duties' at Houston a couple of weeks ago.
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    Jesse Smith

    When I was a senior in high school, Matt Blair was the driver's ed teacher at Gilbert. I was very disappointed to learn that since I already had my license I could not take driver's ed again! I was so envious of the sophomore class!
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    THANK YOU Craig Brackins

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    Game watch Saturday night

    There will be several of us watching the game at Tradewinds. It's been good luck so far!!
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    Paul Rhoads residence

    The last I heard is that they were looking for something in the Gilbert School District, so that could be anywhere north of Top-o-hollow Road.
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    Stray Cat Question

    I see that you are in Johnston, and I highly recommend calling Westfield Vet Hospital on NW 54th. Dr. Safris is wonderful, and I'm sure he'd be able to help you out.