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  • I wanted to say something in your team's season thread but figured I'd come here. Thought it was total BS what they did in there. It's crap like that that makes me dislike the cubs and take glee in their shortcomings.
    I was looking at another posters messeges and noticed you said you baby sat the Mahaffey kid back in the day. I played football with him in HS and am still good buddies with him. Any chance you are from Grinnell?
    I think the trade is great. I'm pumped! I agree that the Cubs are looking good - and may possibly be even tougher now with the addition of Harden. I do think that we are better than the Cards and, with the resurgence of JJ and hopefully improved offensive play from Hall and Weeks, we will be a formidable opponent for the Cubs. Right now I am in Lithuania - teaching English as a Foreign Language during the month of July. A few of the other teachers here are from the Milwaukee area. It is great to finally be able to talk Brewer baseball to someone face-to-face - and in Lithuania of all places. Interestingly, the Lithuanian National Team (Basketball) is practicing daily in the gym on campus. I've heard that they have a couple NBA guys on their team. I plan on sneaking in during an afternoon and checking out the practice (IF the gym is open).
    Went to the Brewer's game on Sunday. It was a beautiful day at the ballpark. What do you think of the CC Sab. trade? I hope we can hold on enough to sneak into the wild card. Unfortunately the Cubs are looking pretty tough this year.
    Thanks for the info! I'm actually going to a game this Saturday. For once it looks like the NL Central may be a very strong division. Hopefully the Crew can make it to the playoffs with all that talent.
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