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  • dude's lame (dougie). I remember lurking here for a year before I joined and NEVER got called out as a poser.
    Really i was just trying to lighten the mood. You are going to be disappointed. message was : the crow flys at midnight and i like boobs. that is all.
    I totally, totally agree - Lindsey doesn't have children and MULTIPLE ex-wives. He's felt it prudent to be married/reproduce three times, and now he's acting like an idiot. He physically abused one of his ex-wives, and he's caused thousands of dollars in damage to hotel rooms. His wake is a lot wider than hers.
    I agree - we both live very home- and family-centered lives, but I get that not everyone operates that way. But almost EVERYTHING you do affects someone else. Those two examples are hurting/embarrassing their families, etc.
    There are so many examples of people who have ruined their lives, despite having every opportunity to save themselves. It's truly sad, and so easily fixable.
    I just have to shake my head - it's so incredibly harmful and self-destructive, and even destructive to the lives of others. Why would they WANT to live like that? I'm not being prudish; I just think it's dumb.
    You're awesome! I totally agree, coincidentally - "neat, the dude is strung out, probably mentally ill, and abusive. Can I be, too?"
    Just had to give you a little crapola. Keep in mind, I thought Philly could lose to GB as easily as they could end up inth Superbowl.
    I don't have mediacom but I would still say it was "televised"...I had to pay the $8 to watch on CloneZone. If that is the lowest form of viewing so far this year, I would be very happy.
    Yep, the average fan watches the snap, the QB until he releases the ball and then where it ends up. They rarely watch routes, the defense being played, or the battle in the trenches.
    I go overboard. I love the game so I usually watch it a couple time. DVR is wonderful. I have now watched the iowa game three times (less painful each time). And actually slow plays down. The game wasn't as bad as I first thought. Herman needs to adjust better though.
    I'm glad you liked my snarky comment. :) I felt a little guilty posting it!! You're right - it's a little restrictive as is!! :wink:
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