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    Here’s how I know the Prohm era is ending soon

    Good tip. I'm gonna pull the trigger for sure. I was born right before Johnny stopped coaching, but my Dad has told me countless stories growing up about that era of Cyclone Basketball. The more I learned about him, the more I love him. Then seeing him live entering Hilton again with Fred...
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    Here’s how I know the Prohm era is ending soon

    This caught my eye. I didn't know this existed. Tried to google it and found a book called "Here's Johnny Orr" is that the one you're referencing? If so, I'll probably order and give it a read. I can't get enough of old Johnny Orr stories
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    Nicest Golf Course You’ve Played

    Love the golf threads on here. I've been extremely fortunate with some connections I've had and some of the traveling I've done. -Pine Valley- New Jersey (Amazing golf course- there is not a single blade that isn't perfect) -Ocean Course at Kiawah Island- Charleston, SC area (by FAR hardest...
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    Jeff Hornacek funny article
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    I agree with you. If nothing else, it'll be cool to see Fizer play again. Baer and McGee will be good shooters- I remember McGee being the only one for Hilton Magic Legends that really even did anything. This could be a sneaky good little team I'm excited to watch. I was so excited for HML last...
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    Need a good mechanic in Ames

    This! I sold ads for the Iowa State Daily and Main St. was my territory. This is one of the nicest most genuine guys I’ve ever dealt with. Works with plenty of college students cars and cares about safety while understanding college student budgets. Could not recommend him more.
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    Bracketology- Joe Lunardi

    Haha, definitely do not still feel this way. I think 5 is pretty accurate now. After Saturday, my hope is that this ends up being a team that gets a good Big 12 Finish (2-4), then uses a strong Big 12 tournament to get them to a 3 seed, perhaps in Des Moines. Saturday was one of the most...
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    Bracketology- Joe Lunardi

    Sorry if already posted/discussed, but wanna hear what some of ya'll think of this. I normally really enjoy following Joe Lunardi's Bracketology on ESPN throughout the season and generally agree with his placement of Iowa State over the...
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    Driving to Alamo Bowl

    En route currently. Hopefully original poster can see this, but if you’re in dallas and need a place to eat- please stop at Torchy’s Tacos. Best queso on the face of the planet. Tacos are insanely good too. Go clones!
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    OT: Making A Murderer on Netflix

    Wow, great point. And I kept thinking about that as well from season 1 how there is clear motive for the authorities pulling this off. The overwhelming feeling I had watching this and actually considering the literal cover up and framing for a murder is what got me though. You'd probably have to...
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    OT: Making A Murderer on Netflix

    I'm almost halfway through season 2 now and I really don't understand this. The documentary make it seems like there is no way Avery murdered her. I simply can't believe that this gigantic frame job and cover up could possibly happen. Very disheartening. Also seems to me like if it's proven that...
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    Bigger dueche, Hermann or Holgerson?

    I'm going with Holgerson and in my opinion it isn't even close. That guy is a gigantic *******. When WV players entered Jack Trice, didn't someone say they were chanting some foul language at our student section? And after WV scored that two point conversion- did anyone else notice what looked...
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    CF CHRONICLES: Transfer U ... Part 3

    Also curious on this... is episode 4 coming out soon?
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    Hurricane Florence

    Family and I were supposed to have a week long vacation in Hilton Head starting this upcoming Saturday. Been looking forward to the trip all year... The craziest part of this is, my family had a weeklong vacation booked in St. Maarten last December but Hurricane Irma essentially destroyed the...
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    CBS Bowl Predictions

    Texas to the Sugar Bowl? Questionable.