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    OU @ KU

    Vitale is getting to be extremely difficult to listen to. Cliché machine.
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    Baylor @ K-Boo

    CBS has such a clean presentation. Games just look more crisp.
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    *** Official Iowa vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Hassel with the CyHawk lead in on Sportscenter, nice!
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    Spain Trip

    Good thing we have the best one.
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    Cyclones in the Summer League
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    Cyclones in the Summer League

    Tyrus is on contract to play in Spain. He will not be playing in the NBA this season. Can't find the link at the moment.
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    Darien Williams Coverage in NY

    Oh wow, that thread is a masterpiece.
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    Win $100 TONIGHT from

    Duke 71-67
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    Geno Auriemma calls men's college basketball a "joke"

    This is most definitely an April fools joke. I can't believe the serious backlash this is getting nationally...
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    Tim Mannix

    With our Flint connections, couldn't we get Ed Mannix? We have to have an extra washing machine laying around to sweeten the deal...
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    Coach Matt A to St. Johns

    Re: Coach Matt A Lovett was a Lavin target, who has now been replaced with an unknown entity (in terms of coaching ability). We just lost a PG to a transfer. Couldn't it reasonably mean we are not only going after Diallo's buddy, but satisfying our need for a PG thru Matt's NY ties? Don't...
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    Dustin Hogue

    Love Dustin, and loved hearing Jon Rothstein mention him every other week in his observations as the most underrated player in the country.
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    These are

    18-22 year old kids, who simply had a collective bad game. It hurts us as fans to watch our boys lose, but I'm sure it hurts them even more than we can imagine. This is a team that bleeds cardinal and gold like nothing we've seen since the Hoiberg playing days. As much as we, as fans, like...
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    Fred to the Bulls?

    I listen to Waddle & Silvy on the drive home nearly every day. I actually thoroughly enjoy it, but mostly for the guests such as Wilbon every Wednesday during drive time, Mark Giancreco whenever they have him on, and Ditka/Marshall (while he was still around) during football season. I've heard...
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    *FAKE* Potential Candidates to Replace Fred Hoiberg

    Aaron Eckhart playing Fred Hoiberg. Might not notice the difference...